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Job Openings


 GaDOE Positions

Announcement / PositionJob TitleDeadline
15-102/00209244, (federal-funded)Education Program Specialist (Professional Development)- TLEUntil Filled
15-103/00206475 (state-funded position)Systems Analyst 3 – BI DeveloperUntil Filled
15-104/00206473 (state-funded position)Systems Analyst 3 – SQL Server DBA/DeveloperUntil Filled
15-110/00207120, (state-funded)Systems Analyst 2-Applications Quality Assurance (Financial Applications)Until Filled
15-93 *UPDATED*/00207105, (state-funded)Systems Analyst 3 – .Net DeveloperUntil Filled
15-94/00206464 , (federal-funded)Systems Analyst 3 – .Net DeveloperUntil Filled
15-97/00198466, (state-funded)Systems Analyst 3- Financial ApplicationsUntil Filled
16-03/00198461, (state-funded)Systems Analyst 1Until Filled
16-05*UPDATED*/00054906 (state-funded)General Counsel (Legal Services)Until Filled
16-06/00055816, (federal-funded)Education Program Specialist (Preschool Special Education and Speech/Language ImpairmentsUntil Filled
16-08/00209179, (state-funded)Education Research & Evaluation Specialist-TLE (School Improvement)Until Filled
16-16/00202050, (federal-funded)School Effectiveness Specialist (Southwest Region)Until Filled
16-17/00055329 (state-funded)HR Technician 3 (Georgia School for the Deaf)Until Filled
16-18/00207445, (state-funded)Education Program Specialist 4 - (English Language Arts)Until Filled
16-20/00192158 (state-funded)Accounting Manager I (Financial Review)Until Filled
16-21/00210960 (state-funded)Accounting Manager II (Financial Review)Until Filled
16-22/00210961 (state-funded)Auditor II (Financial Review)Until Filled
16-24/00054705 (state/federal-funded) Education Program Manager (CTAE Accountability and Improvement)Until Filled
16-25/00054700, (federal-funded)Education Program Specialist (CTAE Architecture, Construction, Communication and Transportation)Until Filled
16-26/00055766, (state/federal-funded)Education Program Manager (CTAE Program Delivery)Until Filled
16-27/00184491, (federal-funded)Migrant Education Resource Specialist – Part Time (50%)Until Filled
16-28/00054884 and 0054918, (state-funded)Development Specialist (GAVS)Until Filled
16-29/00180738, (federal-funded)Education Program Manager- Title I Part AUntil Filled
16-30/00206678, (federal-funded)Program Associate (School Nutrition)Until Filled
16-31/00211126, (federally-funded)Education Program Specialist (Georgia Online IEP- North Region)Until Filled
16-33/00207807, (federal-funded)Administrative Assistant II-PST (School Nutrition)Until Filled
16-34 *THIS IS AN INTERNAL JOB POSTING*/00209505, (federal-funded)Online Education Research & Evaluation Specialist (School Nutrition)May 11, 2016
16-35/00209506 (federal-funded)Secretary II (School Nutrition)Until Filled
16-36/00202003, (federal-funded)Grants Program Consultant (School Nutrition)Until Filled
16-37/00055809, (federal-funded)Education Program Specialist (Compliance Review)Until Filled
16-38/00187778 (state-funded)Education Program Manager (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports)Until Filled
16-40/00200420, (federal-funded)Migrant Education RecruiterUntil Filled
16-41/00184582, (state funded)Area Program Assessment Specialist (School & Dist. Effectiveness)Until Filled
16-42/00202053, (federal-funded)School Effectiveness Specialist (School & Dist. Effectiveness)Until Filled
16-43/00211626, (state-funded)Computer Science Education Program Specialist (Curriculum & Instruction)Until Filled
16-44/00207604, (federal-funded)Education Program Specialist- Budget & Data (Special Education)Until Filled
16-45/00054945 , (state-funded)Accountant I (Accounting Services)Until Filled
16-46/00190037, (state-funded)Education Program Specialist- AccountabilityUntil Filled
16-47 *THIS IS AN INTERNAL JOB POSTING*/00207442, (state-funded)Education Program Specialist- MathematicsJune 9, 2016

 State Charter School Commission Positions

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 Georgia Foundation for Public Education

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