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Job Openings


 GaDOE Positions

Announcement / PositionJob TitleDeadline
14-05/*Multiple positionsAccountant, Professional (Level 1, 2, or 3) Until Filled
14-13/Two (2) new, federally-funded positionsSystems Analyst 3 Until Filled
14-14/Twelve (12) new, state-funded positionsSystems Analyst 3 Until Filled
14-15/One (1) new federally-funded positionSystems Analyst 2Until Filled
14-54/New, state-funded positionEducation Program Specialist (English Language Arts/K5 Literacy) Until Filled
14-66/State-funded positionSchool Improvement Specialist (Data/Professional Learning)Until Filled
14-70/00175812 (state-funded) Secretary 3 (School Improvement) Until Filled
14-71/00054941 (federally-funded)Education Program Manager (Teacher and Leader Effectiveness)Until Filled
14-80/00055821 and 00055791 (federally-funded position)Education Program Specialist (Compliance Review)Until Filled
15-04/Part-time, hourlySystem Grants Coordinator (State Schools)Until Filled
15-07/00205003 (federally-funded) Administrative Specialist 2 (School Nutrition)Until Filled
15-08/0055030 (federally-funded)Auditor 1 (School Nutrition)Until Filled
15-09/00207443, (state-funded)Education Program Specialist (Professional Learning - Mathematics) Until Filled
15-12/00190328 (state and federally-funded)Education Program Specialist (ESOL/Title III)Until Filled
15-16/00055745 (state and federally-funded)Education Program Specialist (CTAE Grants Accountability and Finance) Until Filled
15-17/New (federally-funded)Education Program Specialist (School Nutrition - Accountability)Until Filled
15-18/New (federally-funded)Education Program Manager (School Nutrition - Accountability) Until Filled
15-19/New (federally-funded)Administrative Specialist 2 (w/Graphic Design experience - School Nutrition)Until Filled
15-20/00192585, (federally-funded)Education Program Manager/Assistant Director (School Nutrition) Until Filled
15-22/00055001 (federally-funded)Systems Analyst 3 (School Nutrition Online)Until Filled
15-24/00187776, (federally-funded)Education Program Specialist (Georgia Instructional Materials Center - Special Education)Until Filled
15-26/00180429, (state-funded)Procurement/Purchasing Manager (Internal Support)Until Filled
15-27/New (federally-funded)Secretary 2 (School Nutrition)Until Filled
15-28/2 NEW federally-funded positionsGrants Program Consultant (School Nutrition)Until Filled
15-30/New, federally-fundedAdministrative Specialist 2 TEMPORARY Time Limited Position; Ends no later than 9/30/2016Until Filled
15-31/00196927 (federally-funded)Communications/Outreach Specialist (Parent Engagement)Until Filled
15-32/00186031, (federally-funded)Education Research and Evaluation Specialist - School Nutrition/Food SafetyUntil Filled
15-34/00055082, (state-funded)Technology Analyst 2Until Filled
15-35/New, (state-funded)Purchase/Procurement Agent 2 (Internal Support)Until Filled
15-36/00054787, (federally-funded)Education Program Specialist (Title I, Part A)Until Filled
15-37/00054799 (federally-funded)Parent Engagement Specialist Until Filled
15-40/00054462 (state funded)Education Program Specialist - Science K-8 (Curriculum)Until Filled
15-41/00055106 (state funded)Education Program Specialist - Social Studies 9-12 (Curriculum)Until Filled
15-42/00055813 (federally funded)Education Program Specialist - Postsecondary Transitions (Special Education)Until Filled
15-43/00055736 (state funded)Testing Specialist 1 or 2 - GA Milestones/GA Online Formative Assessment Resource (GOFAR) (Assessment)Until Filled
15-44/00055237 (state-funded)Education Program Specialist (12-month position)Until Filled
15-45/00197225 (state and federally-funded)Educational Statistics AnalystUntil Filled
15-46/00054594, (state-funded)Internal Audit ManagerUntil Filled

 State Charter School Commission Positions

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