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Job Openings


 GaDOE Positions

Announcement / PositionJob TitleDeadline
13-41/00055037 (federally-funded)Food Distribution Specialist 2 (School Nutrition)Until Filled
13-42/00203019 (federally-funded)Food Distribution Specialist 1 (School Nutrition)Until Filled
13-55/*Multiple positions (state- and federally-funded)School Improvement Specialist (Mathematics, Literacy, and School Turnaround)Until Filled
13-72/Two (2) federally-funded positions: 00054998 and *one new po...Education Program Manager (School Nutrition – Review and Technical Assistance)Until Filled
14-01/New, federally-funded position Secretary 2 (School Nutrition)Until Filled
14-05/Three (3) state-funded positionsAccountant, Professional (Level 1, 2, or 3) Until Filled
14-07/00174537 (state-funded) *Two (2) part-time positions Part-time Education Administration SpecialistUntil Filled
14-08/00200594 (state-funded)Systems Analyst 1Until Filled
14-10/Two (2) new, federally-funded positionsSystems Analyst 3 Until Filled
14-11/Three (3) new, federally-funded positionsSystems Analyst 3 Until Filled
14-13/Two (2) new, federally-funded positionsSystems Analyst 3 Until Filled
14-14/Twelve (12) new, state-funded positionsSystems Analyst 3 Until Filled
14-15/One (1) new federally-funded positionSystems Analyst 2Until Filled
14-21/00195474 (federally-funded)Education Program Specialist (Teacher and Leader Effectiveness)Until Filled
14-22/00192846 (federally-funded)Education Program Specialist (Special Education - Professional Learning)Until Filled
14-23/New, federally-funded positionEducation Program Manager (Special Education)Until Filled
14-24/Two (2) new, federally-funded positionsEducation Research & Evaluation Specialist (Special Education)Until Filled
14-27/00180874 (state-funded)Secretary 3 (Teacher and Leader Effectiveness)Until Filled
14-28/00054874 (state-funded position) Assistant Legal Counsel/Division Director (Contracts, Procurement, and Internal Support) Until Filled
14-30/Multiple federally-funded positionsGrants Program Consultant (School Nutrition)Until Filled
14-31/00055007 (federally-funded)Communications Project Manager – School NutritionUntil Filled
14-32/00202929 (federally-funded)Accounting Clerk (School Nutrition)Until Filled
14-33/00181618 (federally-funded)Secretary 2 (Title III/ESOL)Until Filled
14-34/00198209 (federally-funded)Education Program Specialist (Title III/ESOL) Until Filled
14-35/00192585 (federally-funded)Education Program Specialist (School Nutrition)Until Filled
14-36/New, federally-funded position Testing/Assessment Specialist 1 (Kindergarten Entry Assessment - Race to the Top)Until Filled
14-37/00055050 (state-funded)Education Program Manager (Professional Learning – School Improvement)Until Filled
14-38/00054857 (state-funded)Education Program Specialist (Professional Learning – School Improvement )Until filled
14-39/00055823 (federally-funded)Education Program Specialist (Special Education - Compliance Review)Until Filled
14-40/00184497 (federally-funded) Migrant Education Resource SpecialistUntil filled
14-41/00184578 (federally-funded)Migrant Education Program Data Collections CoordinatorUntil Filled
14-42/00198469 (state-funded)Systems Analyst 3 Until filled
14-43/00200028 (federally-funded)Systems Analyst 2Until filled
14-44/Two (2) state-funded positions: 00198463 and 00198467Systems Analyst 2Until filled
14-45/00054688 (state- and federally-funded)Education Program Specialist (CTAE – Business, Finance, and Information Technology)Until Filled
14-46/00054819 (state-funded)Education Program Specialist (CTAE - Career Guidance and Counseling)Until Filled
14-47/00054600 (state-funded)Secretary 3 (Technology Services)Until Filled
14-48/00197998 (state-funded position)Systems Analyst 2 (Portal Systems)Until Filled
14-49/New position (Federal indirect funds) Federal Internal AuditorUntil Filled
14-50/00055803 (federally-funded position)Education Program Specialist (Positive Behavior Supports) Until Filled

State School Positions

AASD: Atlanta Area School for the Deaf (Clarkston)
GAB: Georgia Academy for the Blind (Macon)
GSD: Georgia School for the Deaf (Cave Spring)


 State School Positions

Announcement / PositionJob TitleDeadline
AASD 12-05/Part-Time, HourlySubstitute Teacher (Blind/Deaf)Continuous Recruitment
AASD 12-06Physical TherapistUntil Filled
AASD 12-08Teacher (Deaf/Blind)Continuous Recruitment
AASD 12-11/00055700Food Service EmployeeUntil Filled
AASD 12-19Paraprofessional Until Filled
AASD 12-20/00055728 (Part-time, hourly)Sign Language Interpreter (Part-time, hourly)Until filled
AASD 13-01/00055689Maintenance Supervisor (12-month position)Until Filled
AASD 13-02/00055717 Speech Language Pathologist (10-month position)Until Filled
AASD 13-03/00055270Food Service Supervisor (10-month position)Until Filled
AASD 14-01/New, federally-funded temporary, part-time, hourly positionAmerican Sign Language Accessible Materials Parent Engagement Specialist Until Filled
GAB 12-05/MultipleResidential Advisor (DOE)Continuous Recruitment
GAB 12-06/MultipleTeacher (Blind/Deaf)Continuous Recruitment
GAB 12-07ParaprofessionalContinuous Recruitment
GAB 12-08/MultipleSubstitute Teacher (Part-Time/Hourly)Continuous Recruitment
GAB 13-01/00055240 (10-month position) Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)Until filled
GAB 13-04/00055240 (10-month position) Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)Until Filled
GAB 13-05/00055219 (10-month position) School Clinic Nurse (Registered Nurse)Until Filled
GAB 14-01/00055200Teacher (Deaf/Blind)Until Filled
GSD 12-09/00055510ParaprofessionalContinuous Recruitment
GSD 12-10Residential AdvisorContinuous Recruitment
GSD 12-14/00055361School Clinic NurseUntil filled
GSD 13-01/Multiple positionsSubstitute Teacher (Part-Time/Hourly) Until filled
GSD 13-03/00055560 (Part-time/Hourly)Physical Therapist (Part-time/Hourly)Until Filled
GSD 13-04/00193005High School Graduation CoachUntil Filled
GSD 13-05/00055457Reading Content Specialist (Pre K–12) Until Filled
GSD 13-06/Continuous recruitment for multiple positionsTeacher (Deaf/Blind - 10-month position)Continuous Recruitment
GSD 13-07/00055279Life Adjustment Supervisor (12-month position)Until Filled
GSD 13-08 /Multiple positionsResidential Advisor (part-time, hourly)Continuous Recruitment
GSD 13-10/00055476American Sign Language SpecialistUntil filled
GSD 14-01/Two (2) full-time positions (00055507 and 00055557) Housekeeper/Custodian (12-Month)Until Filled
GSD 14-02/00055461(10-month position)Food Service Employee 1 (10-month, 200-day position)Until Filled
GSD 14-03/00055567 (Part-time, Hourly)Sign Language Intepreter (Part-time, Hourly)Until Filled
GSD 14-04/00055520 (Full-time, 12-month position)Sign Language Interpreter (Full-time, 12-months)Until Filled



 State Charter School Commission Positions

There are no items to show in this view.