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Job Openings


 GaDOE Positions

Announcement / PositionJob TitleDeadline
15-04/Part-time, hourlySystem Grants Coordinator (State Schools)Until Filled
15-09/00207443, (state-funded)Education Program Specialist (Professional Learning - Mathematics) Until Filled
15-28/2 NEW federally-funded positionsGrants Program Consultant (School Nutrition)Until Filled
15-30/New, federally-fundedAdministrative Specialist 2 TEMPORARY Time Limited Position; Ends no later than 9/30/2016Until Filled
15-49/00174505 (state-funded)Education Facilities Consultant (Facilities)Until Filled
15-52*UPDATED*/00202050, (federal-funded)School Effectiveness Specialist (Southwest Georgia Region)Until Filled
15-55 * Updated*/00209240Systems Analyst 3–Business Analysis (IT Development)Until Filled
15-56 *Updated*/00209238Systems Analyst 3 – Title 1-A (IT Development)Until Filled
15-57/00187775Education Program Specialist (Georgia Project for Assistive Technology)Until Filled
15-58/00203545School Nurse Specialist (CTAE)Until Filled
15-63*REVISED* /00196873 & 00189038 (federal-funded) see updateEducation Research & Evaluation Specialist (21st Century Community Learning Centers)Until Filled
15-65/00054687, (federal-funded)Education Program Specialist (Engineering/Technology/Manufacturing/Energy Systems)Until Filled
15-66/00196108 & 00196079, state-funded (see update)Lead School Effectiveness Specialist (UPDATED)Until Filled
15-67/00055004 and 00194706 (federal-funded)Grants Program Consultant (School Nutrition) Until Filled
15-68/00207433 (state-funded)Budget Specialist-W/L (Accounting)Until Filled
15-69/00184495, (federal-funded)Migrant Education Resource Specialist (Cook County)Until Filled
15-71/00054845, (state-funded)Education Program Specialist (Accountability) Until Filled
15-73/00209186 & 00209191, (state-funded) *see note*Education Program Specialist – Teacher & Leader Effectiveness (School Improvement)Until Filled
15-75/00181791, (federal-funded)Education Program Manager- Title I Part AUntil Filled
15-77/00186032 (state-funded)Auditor II (School Nutrition)Until Filled
15-78/00970240, (state-funded)Webmaster (Communications)Until Filled
15-79/00201789, (federal-funded)Education Program Specialist - Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Grant (early childhood, elementary) Until Filled
15-82/00197708, (state-funded)Technical Analyst 1 (Technology Services)Until Filled
15-83/00209673, (federal-funded) Education Workforce Development Liaison (CTAE)Until Filled
15-84/00055063, (state and federal-funded)Business Operation Specialist (GAVS)Until Filled
15-85/00209904 (state and tuition-funded)Instructional Technologist (GAVS)Until Filled
15-86/00209905 (state and tuition-funded)Assistant Supervisor of Instruction (GAVS)Until Filled
15-87/00209903 (state and tuition-funded)(Part-time) Teacher Training Specialist (GAVS)Until Filled
15-88/00176619 (state-funded)School Effectiveness Specialist (East Metro Region)Until Filled
15-89/00209179, (state-funded)Education Research & Evaluation Specialist- TLE (School Improvement)Until Filled
15-90/00209234 (federal-funded)Education Program Specialist – Georgia Network for Educational Therapeutic Supports (GNETS)Until Filled
15-91/00055816, (federal-funded)Education Program Specialist (Preschool Special Education and Speech/Language ImpairmentsUntil Filled
15-92/00055059, (state-funded)Information Technology ParalegalUntil Filled
15-93/00206478 and 00207105, (state-funded)Systems Analyst 3 – .Net DeveloperUntil Filled
15-94/00206464 , (federal-funded)Systems Analyst 3 – .Net DeveloperUntil Filled
15-95/00198464, (state-funded)Systems Analyst 2- Business Analyst/Applications QAUntil Filled

 State Charter School Commission Positions

There are no items to show in this view.