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 GKIDS 2.0

GKIDS 2.0 is a progression-based formative assessment, integrated into classroom work, that is aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). GKIDS 2.0 is organized around big ideas and learning progressions

  • ​A big idea describes the integration of concepts and skills from the kindergarten standards that are most important for success in first grade. 
  • A learning progression shows where the student is in the learning continuum of content and reasoning development regarding the big idea from the GSE.
    • Learning progressions provide the big picture of what is to be learned across the year, relate increased reasoning of standards within the grade and across grades, and support instructional planning. 
GKIDS 2.0 provides teachers with one source of real-time information to adjust instruction, by identifying what a student already knows, what the student needs next, and by allowing the teacher to monitor growth. 

A summary of the big ideas and learning progressions for English Language Arts and Mathematics is provided below. Additional details can be found using the Resources link on the right of this page. 

English Language Arts
Big Idea: A kindergarten student will understand the relationship between letters and sounds and recognize high-frequency words with speed and accuracy. 
  • ​Progression 1: Phonemic Awareness
  • Progression 2: Phonics
  • Progression 3: High Frequency Words​
Big Idea: A kindergarten student will independently read grade-level texts of different genres with accuracy and demonstrate comprehension by answering text-dependent questions. 
  • Progression 1: Comprehension
Big Idea: A kindergarten student will independently write more than one complete thought on a single topic, using phonetic spelling and key print conventions. 
  • Progression 1: Conventions of Writing
  • Progression 2: Spelling
  • Progression 3: Communication of Ideas

Big Idea: A kindergarten student will model real world problems by composing 2- and 3-dimensional shapes. 
  • Progression 1: Shapes
Big Idea: A kindergarten student will count using multiple strategies. 
  • Progression 1: Counting - Number
  • Progression 2: Counting - Objects
Big Idea: A kindergarten student will apply multiple strategies to solve real world problems using addition and subtraction. 
  • Progression 1: Addition and Subtraction


 GKIDS 2.0 Resources