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 Middle School Counselor Resources

Guidance Documents

Career Development is a critical now more than ever to help prepare our students to move seamlessly from middle school to high school and them to the proper path to their future. Possible paths include, but are not limited to technical certificates, technical diplomas, or associates degrees at a local Georgia technical college. If some of your students choose a path to a four-year college or university in Georgia, planning and taking the proper set of courses in high school will be critical to make the most of their class schedule. Your students may plan on entering the workforce after graduating from high school. Making sure that they earn an industry- recognized certificates gives them an added boost because they already have specific skills needed in a given career and the employer won't have to provide as much training.

This site is developed to streamline links for middle school counselors to find resources and tools to help them provide the appropriate guidance and advisement to students and parents.

GaCollege 411


Additional resources

Students can find a career of interest, but do they know whether that career is currently in high demand by employers, or require high degree of technical skills, or provide a high wage?

Postsecondary ​Information for Students and Counselors to Review

The following activity was developed as part of a counselor-supported Teachers-As-Advisor Program for grades 6-12. However, if your local school is not taking advantage of this activity in a TAA program, this resource can be utilized by the local school in another delivery system.