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 Student Success: Imagine the Possibilities

The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) has required that each State Educational Agency (SEA) develop a State Systemic Improvement Plan that includes a comprehensive, multi-year focus on improving results for Students with Disabilities! Each state must develop a plan that will outline the development of strategies to increase state capacity to structure and lead meaningful change in Local Educational Agencies (LEAs).  While the primary focus of the plan is on improvement for Students with Disabilities, the State must also address in its SSIP how the State will use its general supervision systems to improve implementation of the requirements of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Georgia will implement a systemic plan, “Student Success,” in FY16 to improve graduation outcomes for Students with Disabilities.

State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) 


2016 District Student Success Template:

Partnering for Success Meeting (2017)

Online Resources:

2017-18 Student Success Leadership Launch Webinars, Recordings, PowerPoints and Guide

The Student Success Leadership Launch Webinars were held on Tuesday, August 15, 2017 at 1:00 pm for Districts and 3:00 pm for Schools. The webinars provided important updates and support for district and school implementation of the Student Success process.  Below you will find the links to the recordings.

Please contact Wina Low - or Vickie Cleveland - with questions.

August Leadership Launch

Student Success Leadership Launch Webinars

​Date ​Time ​Registration
​7/20/15​ 1​:00 pm​​ ​Link ​Link
​9/28/15 ​1:00 pm ​Link Link
​12/8/15  1:00​ pm​ ​ ​Link Link
​9/6/16 ​1:00 pm Link ​Link
​12/6/16 ​1:00 pm Part 1 ​Link
Part 2
​3/7/17 ​1:00 pm Link Link Link


District Coach Webinars

Showcasing the Alignment of Georgia's Systems of Continuous Improvement and SSIP

Parent Resources: 

Resources for Data Analysis:


 Contact Information


Zelphine Smith-Dixon, Ed.D
Director, Special Education Services and Supports

Phone: (404) 463-0678
Fax: (770) 344-4482


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