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 Title II, Part A Resources

The following resources are available to assist Georgia LEAs with the successful implementation of Title II, Part A. These resources come from Georgia districts, Title II, Part A program staff, the Department and the United States Department of Education.


FY16 Title II, Part A Abbreviated Implementation Calendar (Updated 01.25.16)

FY17 Title II, Part A Abbreviated Implementation Calendar (*New)

FY17 Needs Assessment Worksheet (Coming Feb. 22, 2016)

FY17 LEA Equity Plan Template (​Coming Feb. 22, 2016)

FY17 Title II, Part A CLIP Checklist (Coming Late Spring 2016)

FY16 Title II, Part A Budget Review Checklist (PDF) (08.10.15)

FY16 Budget Assertions (Word) (10.02.15)

FY16 Class Size Reduction Worksheet (Required if Funding CSR)

FY16 Class Size Reduction Examples

FY16 Title II, Part A Private Schools Equitable Services Excel Sheet


FY16 GaDOE: Title I and Title II, Part A Principal Attestation Form

FY16 GaDOE: Semi-Annual Certification (Periodic Certification) - Single Employee**

FY16 GaDOE: Semi-Annual Certification (Periodic Certification) - Multiple Employee**

FY16 GaDOE: Personnel Activity Report (PAR/ Time Log)

FY16 GaDOE: Documentation for Financial Incentives

FY16 Alternative School/ GNETS Conference Record


Quick Guides

FY16 Quick Guide: Title II, Part A Time and Effort

FY16 Quick Guide: Title II, Part A HiQ Notification

FY16 Quick Guide: Title II, Part A Class Size Reduction

FY16 Quick Guide: Title II, Part A LEA Effectiveness Plan (07.24.15)

FY16 Quick Guide: Title II, Part A Budget Function and Object Codes (07.24.15)

FY16 Quick Guide: Title II, Part A Internal Controls ​(10.02.15)

Sample Forms

FY16 Sample: Parents Right to Know Letter

FY16 Sample: Parent 20 Day NonHiQ Notification Letter

FY16 Sample: Parent 20 Day NonHiQ Notification Letter - SPANISH

FY16 Sample: Private School Consultation Letter

FY16 Sample: Private School Needs Assessment and Professional Development Learning Plan

FY16 Sample: Private School Expenditure Approval Form

Sample: Needs Assessment Surveys  *New*
             (Samples provided are specific to Title II, Part A)
             Parent Survey (Word)
             LEA Personnel Survey (Word)
             Community/ Business Survey ​(Word)


GaDOE Portal Login (Login/ Password Required)



School district Human Resources Directors who need to request login credentials for principals or superintendents for the HiQ Data System, Mid-Year School Personnel Analysis (MySPA), or Equity Technical Assistance (ETA) should request these credentials through This email address is only for HiQ2 Data System technical issues assistance or Title II, Part A login credential request.

HiQ Login Page (Login/ Password Required)

FY16 HiQ System Edits Guidance (PDF)

FY16 HiQ System Edits Webinar (PDF)

FY15 Annual HiQ Principal Training Online Module
(Supplementary Resource Only- Registration Required)


Assisting Georgia schools with management of their financial resources for educating students.

LUA Chart of Accounts

Private Schools

Assisting Georgia LEAs with determining which Private Schools are within their geographic boundaries.

Private School List​


In compliance with Federal Law all local educational agency (LEA) subrecipients receiving federal funds participate in a monitoring process as an accountability component. The Department’s federal programs use monitoring to regularly and systematically examine of the state’s administration and implementation of our federal education grants administered by US ED GaDOE. Title II, Part A monitors through cross-functional monitoring , self-monitoring and desk monitoring. In addition, as applicable, Title II, Part A program staff resolve LEA audits and conduct program financial reviews. Title II, Part A Coordinators are offered training in October, followed by regional technical assistance sessions.

Link to Title I, Part A Cross Functional Monitoring Page HERE. This page includes links to the full training ppt and monitoring document and shortcuts to upload monitoring.

Federal Programs

To access guidance and resources from other Georgia Department of Education federal programs please use the link below.
Federal Programs Webpage