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 Co-Teaching and LRE Resources

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) guarantees students with disabilities the right to be educated with their peers in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) to the maximum extent appropriate. IDEA also guarantees students with disabilities access to a full continuum of services and it is up to the IEP team to determine the Least Restrictive Environment for an individual student. The IEP team also determines the supports and accommodations necessary for successful participation in the LRE and other special education services as needed. Training manuals, Frequently Asked Questions Regarding LRE, and an Elluminate LIVE! webinar series on effective practices are found below for educators to use in order to build capacity at the local school level. Additional resources will be added as they become available.

A CD-ROM entitled Co-Teaching Practices in Georgia is now available to schools. This CD contains the following information:

  • An introduction from the State School Superintendent
  • Perspectives from Georgia Administrators
  • Perspective from Georgia Teachers
  • Explanations of Co-Teaching
  • Explanations of the Co-Teaching Approaches with Accompanying Video Clips of Each Approach
  • Questions and Answers on Co-Teaching and Accompanying Handouts

GLRS and Special Education directors in each school district received copies. However, if you would like additional copies for your school please contact Susan Brozovic at or 404-657-9956.

Districts now have access to the materials the Georgia Learning Resources System (GLRS) included in designing a course entitled “Co-Teaching 201”. These modules go beyond the basics of Co-Teaching provided in the Co-Teaching manuals currently on the website. These can be accessed through the Co-Teaching Modules 201 Introduction link on the right side of this webpage.

Recorded webinars on Co-Teaching in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) can be accessed from the Division for Special Education Services and Supports homepage by scrolling down to Conferences and Presentations, Webinars, DL Updates and Newsletters at the bottom of the webpage. Click on the link to Recorded Webinars.

When you get to the Recorded Webinars webpage, click on the Recorded Webinars document under Downloads on the right.  Look for LRE in the Table of Contents to find the Co-teaching in the LRE recorded webinars.