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 Technical Skill Assessment Inventory - Architecture, Construction, Communications and Transportation

Program Concentration
Assessment Information Sheets for Architecture, Construction, Communications and Transportation

Architectural Drawing and Design - ADDA Apprentice Architectural Drawing and Design - Autodesk-Revit
Architectural Drawing and Design - NOCTI Architectural Drawing and Design - SkillsUSA
Broadcast Video Production - Adobe Premiere Broadcast Video Production - NOCTI Television Production
Broadcast Video Production - SkillsUSA Climate Control - HVACR-EPA
Climate Control - HVACR-HEAT Climate Control - HVACR-NCCER
Climate Control - Low Voltage-HEAT Climate Control - Low Voltage-NCCER
Collision Repair Construction Carpentry - NCCER
Construction Carpentry - NOCTI Construction Carpentry - SkillsUSA
Construction Electrical - NCCER Construction Electrical - SkillsUSA
Construction Masonry - NCCER Construction Masonry - SkillsUSA
Construction Plumbing - NCCER Construction Plumbing - SkillsUSA
Flight Operations - FAA Graphic Communications - Adobe Illustrator
Graphic Communications - Adobe InDesign Graphic Communications - Adobe Photoshop
Graphic Communications - NOCTI Graphic Communications - NOCTI: Visual Communication
Graphic Communications - SkillsUSA Graphic Communications - SkillsUSA-PrintED
Graphic Design - Adobe Illustrator Graphic Design - Adobe InDesign
Graphic Design - Adobe Photoshop Graphic Communications - NOCTI: Visual Communication
Graphic Design - SkillsUSA Marine Engine - SkillsUSA
Metals - Machining-NIMS Metals - Machining-SkillsUSA
Metals - Sheet Metal-NCCER Metals - Welding-AWS
Metals - Welding-NCCER Metals - Welding-NOCTI
Metals - Welding-SkillsUSA Transportation - Logistical Operations
Transportation - Logistical Support