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Superintendent Cox and SBOE Recognize Excellence in Education

 MEDIA CONTACT : GaDOE Communications office, (404) 463-1487,    - Follow us on  Twitter  and  Facebook          AUGUST 14, 2009  -- State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox and the State Board of Education (SBOE) recognized several schools and educators yesterday for their oustanding performance in Media Programs and World Languages.      Every other month, the SBOE and the Superintendent recognize students, teachers, administrators, schools and school systems for a variety of awards.     "It's important that we recognize people for their accomplishments and hard work," said Superintendent Cox. "Recognition is a motivator for people to continue doing everything they can to help us lead the nation in improving student achievement."     This month's honorees were for Exemplary Library Media Programs and World Language Programs.     For a list of names and details for each award, please go to the following link:      MORE INFORMATION    GaDOE Library Media Services Website:     GaDOE World Languages and International Educational Website:    State Board of Education Website:    Excellence Recognition Website: