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 Social Studies

Proposed High School Elective Courses Survey

Review Proposed Social Studies GSE Elective Courses for History and Literature of the Old and New Testament then Take Survey

​​#GAsocialstudies Virtual Hub

Virtual Professional Learning Opportunities

​Virtual Field Trips​

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IDEAS READY TO USE: 6 weeks of social studies webinar rations

GaDOE Social Studies Team presentsTips, Tricks, and Resources for Digital Learning. Webinars for each grade/course in social studies. Click here for a playlist of recordings for each grade/course.​ 

GPB Presents Georgia Home Classroom

As part of the public media mission to ensure all kids have access to continued free educational resources at home, GPB, in partnership with Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE), is offering broadcast programming and accompanying digital resources that adhere to Georgia’s state standards to provide continued at-home learning​. Click here to explore Georgia Home Classroom.​

​Virtual Professional Learning Opportunities 
from GaDOE Social Studies

Getting More Bang for Your Book: Read Alouds and Social Studies Inquiry at Grades K-2, K-5 or 6-12

This lively, literacy saturated session with the GaDOE Social Studies Team, will revitalize your use of read alouds and expand your list of great titles aligned to the Social Studies GSE. Be ready to share your own favorites as we dive into great children's literature. Contact to schedule.

They Aren't Getting It: Methods to Engage, Excite, & Empower Struggling Learners​

Join us for this hands-on workshop that provides methods for adapting instruction that will make learning attainable for all learners. We will share resources and model inquiry based strategies that are differentiated for all learners. Contact to schedule.

Teach what we Assess & Assess what we Teach​

Join us for this hands-on workshop that peels back formative and summative assessment in social studies. Bring a sample of each from your classroom and polish your assessment skills to maximize learning for your students. Contact to schedule.

Social​ Studies Inquiry Toolkit​

Familiar with the basic tools of inquiry? Join us as we build on our use of inquiry strategies and tools. Go beyond inquiry foundations to construct powerful lessons that cement learning. Sharpen your saws in this interactive workshop. The 6-12 workshop is facilitated by Joy Hatcher, Social Studies Program Manager and the K-5 workshop is facilitated by JoAnn Wood, Social Studies Program Specialist with GaDOE.

Let’s Get Visual! Inquiry Based Instructional Activities that SWIRL​

Explicitly teaching Visual Literacy in social studies increases engagement and allows students to make connections between their lives and history.  This workshop will teach you how to: build visual literacy with visual journals, enhance your inquiry lessons, and incorporate the art standards with your existing lessons to create personal meaning for students. You do not have to be “good” at art to attend this workshop!

The workshop, facilitated by GaDOE Social Studies & GaDOE Fine Arts, is appropriate for teachers and school, district and RESA leaders or any combination of those.  Activities will be shared and modeled for K-12.

3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade History Refresher 101 Workshops

Join grade level colleagues in this lively, hands-on crash course on topics in U.S. History. We will model use of engaging inquiry strategies and resources while reinforcing and extending the content knowledge needed to teach the new Social Studies GSE.

Contact to schedule.

Inquiry: the Antidote for Feeling MEH in Social Studies Classrooms

In this interactive session, work with Joy Hatcher, GaDOE Social Studies Program Manager, to meet your daily required dose of inquiry and keep students on their mental toes. Ideas and resources for infusing inquiry and banishing apathy in grades 6-12 will be shared; bring your own and take home some new ones. Contact to schedule.

Historical Thinking + Literacy = K-5 Social Studies Labs

Come into the lab and see what's on the slab as we dissect a good history lab​ for primary grades to examine its anatomy. We will experiment with a lab and then cook up our own, making sure to mix thoroughly with literacy skills.​
Contact to schedule.

The Georgia Standards of Excellence for Social Studies 
On June 9, 2016, the State Board of Education approved the K-12 Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) for Social Studies. The K-12 Social Studies GSE is in full implementation during the 2017-2018 school year. 

Resources and Professional Development

  • Integrated Instructional Supports for All Students​

  • gadoesocialstudies Instagram Teacher Takeover — Applications for the 2020-2021 gadoesocialstudies Instagram teacher takeover will open July 1st. Visit our page to see amazing #GAsocialstudies educators and students across the state.  Click here to visit the gadoesocialstudies Instagram page.​  

  • Grade Level/Course Specific Pro​fessional Learning with Virtual SpecialistsIntroducing a new FREE online professional learning community exclusively for Georgia educators. The Georgia DOE has created course and grade level specific Professional Learning Communities, led by Virtual Specialists, where educators from across the State can connect with each other to share experiences, resources, lesson plans, and instructional activities.

Social Studies Civic Engagement Diploma Seal

Social Studies ​Standards and Curriculum Frameworks

Georgia Social Studies Standards and Courses 

Studies Standards Curriculum Sample Activities and Resources

Resources for Constitution Day

Public Law 108-447 requires the designation of Constitution Day and Citizenship Day on September 17 of each year. The purpose of Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is to commemorate the formation and signing on September 17, 1787, of the Constitution and recognize all who, by coming of age or by naturalization, have become citizens.  Please remember to recognize September 17th, Constitution Day, in your system/school.

Opportunities for Students

Teacher Awards

Helpful Resources

Atlanta History Center Outreach Programs

Social Studies Organizations


 Contact Information

Joy Hatcher
Social Studies Program Manager
Phone: 404-656-2093
Email: ​​​ ​

JoAnn Wood
Social Studies Program Specialist
Phone: 404-651-7271
Jennifer Zoumberis
Social Studies & Special Education Content Integration Specialist
Phone: 678-326-1271
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