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State Education Rules

​ ​​State Education Rules

These current rules have been adopted by the State Board of Education, filed with the Secretary of State, and are, therefore, in effect.

Rules are listed in alphabetical order according to National Schools Boards Association (NSBA) codes. To sort by a particular category, simply click on any column heading.

To determine rules of the State Board of Education that have been recently adopted, sort the column 'Effective Date'.  The most recently adopted rules will appear at the end of the list.

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NSBA CodeEffective DateRule NumberTitleGuidance, Guidelines, & Resources
AF03 Nov 2010160-5-1-.02School Day and School Year for Students and Employees 
BBB12 Oct 2016160-5-1-.36 Local School Board GovernanceLocal School Board Governance Supporting Documents
BCAEA 15 Jun 1998160-1-3-.04 School Law Tribunals and Appeals 
BCAEA(2)07 Mar 2002160-1-3-.07 Consolidated Hearings Under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504  
BDH04 Oct 2006160-1-3-.02 Suspension of Rules and Laws (Waiver)  
CGB05 Oct 2000160-5-1-.22 Personnel Required  
DFB 31 May 2011160-5-3-.11 Standard Cost Development  
DFBA 12 Sep 2002160-5-2-.02 Withholding of Funds From Local Units of Administration  
DFFA02 Jan 2019160-5-2-.06 Residential Facility Grant 
DIA29 Mar 1995160-5-2-.23 Financial Administration for Georgia Local Units of Administration Financial Management for Georgia Local Units of Administration
DIB11 Apr 2018160-5-2-.21 Annual Financial and Budget Reports Financial Management for Georgia Local Units of Administration
DJ(1) 05 Mar 2008160-5-1-.29 Minimum Direct Classroom Expenditures 
EBIA 11 Dec 1996160-5-5-.03 Asbestos Occupation Accreditation Program  
EDAA 07 Mar 2012160-5-3-.01 Purchase of School Buses Georgia School Bus Specifications
EDAC10 Aug 2022160-5-3-.02 Contracted Transportation Services  
EDAF10 Aug 2022160-5-3-.17Use of Alternative Vehicles for the Transport of Specified Student Groups 
EDC14 Apr 1996160-5-3-.14 Fuels and Explosives 
EDCA03 Jul 2002160-5-3-.03School Bus Inspections  
EDCB/JCDAD 29 May 2002160-5-3-.13 Student Safety  
EDD03 May 2006160-5-3-.10 Student Transportation Funding Surveys  
EDF13 Oct 2005160-5-3-.16 Bus Transportation Records 
EE16 Feb 2023160-5-6-.01 Statewide School Nutrition Program School Nutrition Supporting Documents
EF(1) 27 May 2017160-5-1-.03 Identification and Reporting of Schools  
EF(2) 09 Aug 2017160-5-1-.07 Student and Staff Data Collections  
EGD 08 Apr 1992160-5-3-.04 School Bus Insurance  
FCG08 Aug 2018160-5-4-.18 Bidding Requirements for School Capital Outlay Projects Guidelines for Receiving State Capital Outlay Funds
FD19 Jul 2000160-5-4-.01 Educational Facilities Construction Plan (Local Facilities Plan)  
FEB29 Mar 2001160-5-4-.08 School Size  
FED(1)19 Jul 2000160-5-4-.10 Approval of Plans and Specifications  
FED(2) 30 May 2012160-5-4-.15 Processing of Plans and Specifications for Public School Construction Guide Book
FEDB11 Sep 2019160-5-4-.16 Educational Facility Site, Construction, and Reimbursement Link to All Guidelines Referenced in Rule
FFE30 May 2012160-5-4-.04 Special Appropriation for Public School Capital Outlay  
FFF(1)30 May 2012160-5-4-.02 Capital Outlay Entitlement, Funding Requests, And Required Local Participation 
FFF(2) 30 May 2012160-5-4-.03 Applications for State Capital Outlay Funding  
FFF(3) 30 May 2012160-5-4-.05Regular Advance and Low-Wealth Funding  
FFF(4) 11 Dec 1996160-5-4-.14 Sparsity Grant  
FGAD 30 May 2012160-5-4-.11 Design Professional Contracts And Fees 
FGD12 Sep 2012160-5-4-.22 Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contracts for Public School FacilitiesGuideline for Energy Savings Performance
GAD01 Jul 2015160-3-3-.04 Professional Learning  
GAD(2) 03 Jan 1991160-4-9-.03 Statewide Vocational Staff Development Eligibility  
GAK 05 Oct 2000160-5-2-.50 Certified/Classified Personnel Information Certified/Classified Personnel Information (CPI) Guidelines and Documentation
GAM/GCRA 09 Oct 1994160-5-3-.15 Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing  
GANA/JGCC 01 Nov 2011160-1-3-.03 Infectious Diseases CDC's Universal Precautions for Handling Blood and Body Fluids
GBA(1) 09 Jun 1999160-4-3-.09 Extended-Year Vocational Education Projects  
GBA(2) 08 Sep 2016160-4-3-.11 Extended Day Grant ProgramGeorgia Work-Based Learning Manual
Agricultural Education Standards and Policies Manual
GBA(4) 05 Oct 2000160-3-1-.01 Pay for Performance Program  
GBA(5) 30 Mar 2011160-5-2-.05 Experience for Salary Purposes  
GBBA 29 Dec 2021160-4-8-.05 School CounselingSchool Counseling Services
GBHA 03 Sep 1997160-3-3-.07 Mentor Teacher Program  
GBI03 Aug 2016160-5-1-.37Teacher and Leader Evaluations 
GBRJ 14 Feb 1994160-5-1-.05 Substitute Teachers  
GCBA01 Feb 2012160-5-3-.08SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS 
IAB(1) 10 Aug 2011160-7-1-.01 Single Statewide Accountability System.  
IAB(5)31 Jan 2024160-5-1-.33Strategic Waivers and Title 20/No Waivers School Systems 
IDA(2)10 Feb 2011160-4-2-.03 List of State-Funded K-8 Subjects and 9-12 Courses for Students Entering Ninth Grade Prior to 2008  
IDA(3) 02 Jul 2015160-4-2-.20 State-Funded K-8 Subjects and 9-12 Courses for Students Entering Ninth Grade in 2008 and Subsequent Years State Funded List of Subjects and Courses Supported by SBOE Rule 160-4-2-20
Summary of Changes
IDAA(1) 07 Mar 2002160-4-10-.02 Vocational On-Site Program Evaluation  
IDAA(3) 05 Jun 1996160-4-3-.02 Local Plan/Application for Vocational Education  
IDAD09 Jun 1999160-4-8-.08 Career Education  
IDAE28 Sep 2011160-4-2-.05 Middle School Program Criteria  
IDAF 10 Feb 2011160-4-2-.07 Instruction in United States and Georgia History and Government  
IDAG 29 Dec 1997160-4-2-.33 Values and Character Education  
IDB24 Nov 2021160-4-2-.12 Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Program Plan  
IDC27 Nov 2013160-4-2-.14 Instructional Extension  
IDCG 02 Sep 2009160-4-2-.09 Governor's Honors Program GHP Program Information
IDCH 08 Mar 2023160-4-2-.34 Dual EnrollmentDual Enrollment Resources
IDDB25 May 2016160-4-5-.01 Remedial Education Georgia Department of Education Remedial Education Program Guidelines
IDDC 24 Nov 2009160-4-2-.31 Hospital/Homebound (HHB) Services Hospital Homebound (HHB) Guidance
IDDD 30 May 2012160-4-2-.38 Education Program for Gifted Students Gifted Education Services
IDDF(01) 01 Jul 2007160-4-7-.01 Purpose for Exceptional Students Rules  
IDDF(02) 29 May 2013160-4-7-.02Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) Implementation Manual for the Special Education State Rules
IDDF(03) 12 Apr 2023160-4-7-.03 Child Find Procedures  
IDDF(04) 31 Mar 2010160-4-7-.04 Evaluations and Reevaluations Implementation Manual for the Special Education State Rules
IDDF(05) 31 Mar 2010160-4-7-.05 Eligibility Determination and Categories of Eligibility Implementation Manual for the Special Education State Rules
IDDF(06) 01 Jul 2007160-4-7-.06 Individualized Education Program (IEP) Implementation Manual for the Special Education State Rules
IDDF(07) 31 Mar 2010160-4-7-.07 Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Implementation Manual for the Special Education State Rules
IDDF(08) 01 Jul 2007160-4-7-.08 Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information  
IDDF(09) 29 May 2013160-4-7-.09 Procedural Safeguards/Parents Rights Implementation Manual for the Special Education State Rules
IDDF(10) 01 Jul 2007160-4-7-.10 DisciplineImplementation Manual for the Special Education State Rules
IDDF(11) 01 Jul 2007160-4-7-.11 Surrogate Parent  
IDDF(12) 31 Mar 2010160-4-7-.12 Dispute ResolutionImplementation Manual for the Special Education State Rules
IDDF(13) 01 Jul 2007160-4-7-.13 Private Schools Implementation Manual for the Special Education State Rules
IDDF(14) 01 Jul 2007160-4-7-.14 Personnel, Facilities and Caseloads  
IDDF(15) 05 Jul 2017160-4-7-.15 Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support (GNETS)  
IDDF(16) 12 Apr 2023160-4-7-.16 Georgia Learning Resources System (GLRS)  
IDDF(17) 01 Jul 2007160-4-7-.17 Required Reports Implementation Manual for the Special Education State Rules
IDDF(18) 12 Apr 2023160-4-7-.18 Grants for Services  
IDDF(19) 31 Mar 2010160-4-7-.19Services for Agency-Placed Students Implementation Manual for the Special Education State Rules
IDDF(19) 31 Mar 2010160-4-7-19 Services for Agency-Placed Students  
IDDF(20) 01 Jul 2007160-4-7-.20 Mandatory Pre-Determination of Local Educational Agency's Inability to Provide Services to (a) Student(s) with Disability  
IDDF(21) 01 Jul 2007160-4-7-.21 Definitions  
IDDG 21 Oct 2020160-4-5-.02 Language Instruction Program for English Learners (ELs) 
IDDH03 May 2006160-4-2-.17 Early Intervention Program (EIP) Early Intervention Program Guidelines
IDDL 11 Mar 2015160-4-3-.13 Youth Apprenticeship Programs  
IDDM 31 Jan 2018160-4-8-.12 Alternative Education Programs  
IDDN 09 Mar 2022160-4-3-.14 Work-Based Learning Programs Georgia Work-Based Learning Manual
IDE(1) 01 Nov 2011160-5-1-.18 Competitive Interscholastic Activities in Grades 6-12 Preparticipation Physical Form
IDFA/MDBA 06 May 2001160-5-1-.20 Gender Equity in Sports 
IDG(1) 09 Mar 1998160-4-3-.06 Short-Term Adult Agribusiness Program Agricultural Education Standards and Policies Manual
IDG(2) 09 Mar 1998160-4-3-.07 Young Farmer Agribusiness (YFA) Program Agricultural Education Standards and Policies Manual
IDG(3) 09 Mar 1998160-4-3-.08 Food Systems Technology Program Agricultural Education Standards and Policies Manual
IEB13 Sep 2017160-4-9-.04 Charter Schools and Charter Systems Definitions Guidance for Charter School Rule
IEB(2) 13 Sep 2017160-4-9-.05 Charter Schools Petition Process 
IEB(3) 13 Sep 2017160-4-9-.06 Charter Authorizers, Financing, Management, and Governance Training 
IEB(4)13 Sep 2017160-4-9-.07Charter Systems 
IEC29 Aug 2007160-5-1-.08 Class Size  
IFAA(1) 16 Feb 2023160-4-4-.10 Instructional Materials Selection and Recommendation Georgia Learning Resources Guide (state guide)
IFAA(2) 08 Sep 2016160-4-4-.20 Instructional Materials Advisory Committee  
IFAD08 Feb 2024160-4-2-.40Georgia Early Literacy Requirements 
IFBD 15 Jun 1998160-4-4-.01 Media Programs Guidance for Flexible Media Scheduling
IFBGD 05 Jul 2017160-8-1-.01 Georgia Virtual School 
IGB 05 Oct 2000160-4-2-.32 Student Support Team Student Support Teams (SST) Manual
IGD14 Sep 2022160-4-2-.39Dyslexia Identification and Support 
IHA09 Aug 2023160-4-2-.13 Statewide Passing Score  
IHE27 Nov 2014160-4-2-.11Promotion, Placement Retention 
IHF(1) 01 Aug 1993160-4-2-.30 High School Graduation Requirements  
IHF(2) 07 Dec 1993160-4-2-.06 High School Graduation Requirements  
IHF(3) 03 Jul 1995160-4-2-.36 High School Graduation Requirements  
IHF(4) 03 Aug 1998160-4-2-.46 High School Graduation Requirements for Students Enrolling in the Ninth Grade for the First Time in the 1997-98 School Year and Subsequent Years  
IHF(5) 07 Mar 2002160-4-2-.47 High School Graduation Requirements for Students Enrolling in the Ninth Grade for the First Time in the 2002-03 School Year and Subsequent Years  
IHF(6) 11 Mar 2020160-4-2-.48 High School Graduation Requirements for Students Enrolling in the Ninth Grade for the First Time in the 2008-09 School Year and Subsequent Years GA High School Graduation Requirements Guidance
2015-2016 Mathematics Graduation Guidance
Mathematics Graduation Requirements by Cohort Group
II31 Jan 2024160-3-1-.07Testing Programs - Student Assessment 
JB28 Dec 2022160-5-1-.10 Student AttendanceStudent Attendance Guidance
Guidance for the Student Teen Election Participant (STEP) Program
JBC05 Feb 2020160-5-1-.28 Student Enrollment and Withdrawal Guidance for the Student Enrollment and Withdrawal Rule
Kinship Caregiver Affidavit
JBC(2) 14 Aug 1997160-5-1-.24Procedure for Requesting Student Social Security Numbers 
JBC(4) 24 Nov 2021160-5-1-.15 Awarding Units of Credit and Acceptance of Transfer Credit And/Or GradesFAQ for Rule 160-5-1-.15
Guidance for Rule 160-5-1-.15
JBCCA 05 Oct 2000160-5-4-.09Limited Public School Choice  
JBCCA(2) 09 Aug 2017160-4-8-.16 Unsafe School Choice Option (USCO) Unsafe School Choice Option Guidelines
JCDAD/EDCB 29 May 2002160-5-3-.13 Student Safety 
JD28 Nov 2018160-4-8-.15 Student Discipline  
JE03 Sep 2000160-4-8-.01 Student Support Services  
JEA/IGA 10 Aug 2011160-4-8-.09 Student Advisement  
JGC12 Sep 2012160-4-8-.18Diabetes Medical Management PlansGuidelines for the Care Needed for Students with Diabetes
JGCC/GANA 01 Nov 2011160-1-3-.03 Infectious Diseases  
JGEB 31 Jan 2018160-4-8-.17 Case Management Consultation for Agency Placed Transfer Students  
JGF 20 Dec 1990160-4-3-.10 Eye Protection Practice for Occupational and Educational Eye and Face Protection, American National Standards Institute, Z87 .1-1968
JGF(2) 29 Jul 2010160-5-1-.35 Seclusion and Restraint for All StudentsGuidance for Seclusion and Restraint for All Students
JGI 17 Oct 1990160-4-8-.04 Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting  
JGJ15 Oct 2015160-4-8-.19Suicide Prevention Training Requirement for Certificated School System Personnel 
JNA 09 Dec 2004160-4-2-.23 Georgia Scholar Program  
JNB25 Nov 2015160-5-1-.34Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program 
JR06 Jul 1999160-5-1-.14 Transfer of Student Records Common Records Retention Schedules for School Systems
JS15 Jun 1998160-5-1-.12 Student Fees and Charges/Required Student Equipment and Materials  
KL12 Sep 2012160-1-3-.05Assessment of Costs  
KN15 Jun 1998160-1-3-.06 Petition for Acting on an Agency Rule or State Law  
MDA28 Nov 2018160-5-1-.13 Regional Educational Service Agencies  
MDBA/IDFA 06 May 2001160-5-1-.20 Gender Equity in Sports