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Job Openings


 GaDOE Positions

Announcement / PositionJob TitleDeadline
18-62*REPOSTED/UPDATED *Certification Required- click here to view important information & job details*/Federally-FundedSpecial Education Curriculum Specialist (4 positions)August 30, 2018
18-69*REPOSTED*Click here to view important location information*/Federally-fundedMigrant Education Resource Specialist (3 positions)August 29, 2018
18-74*UPDATE *Certification Required- click here for job details*/state/federal-fundedEducation Program Manager (Title III/ESOL Programs)August 22, 2018
18-75*UPDATED *Click here for important job details/1 position; State-fundedSchool Nurse Specialist (CTAE)August 22, 2018
18-80*Certification Required- click here for job details*/State-fundedMathematics Education Program SpecialistAugust 28, 2018
18-82 *Click here for job details*/00184572/Federally FundedMigrant Education RecruiterAugust 29, 2018
18-88*Click here to view job details*00207807Business Support Analyst 1 (PSTU)August 23, 2018
18-89 *Click here for job details/*00216701/Federally FundedEducation Program Specialist - Full-Time Position (Regional Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Coach)August 23, 2018
18-90 *Click here for job details/* 00216702Education Program Specialist - Part Time - (Regional Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Coaches)August 23, 2018
18-91 *Click here for job details*/00054706(Federal/State-funded)Education Program Specialist (CTAE Region Coordinator)August 24, 2018
18-92 *Click here for job details*/000207445/State FundedEducation Program Specialist (English Language Arts) August 24, 2018
18-93*Click here for job details*/00054421/State FundedHuman Resources Technician 1August 27, 2018
18-94*INTERNAL POSTING -GADOE EMPLOYEES ONLY*Click here for job details*00055079* State FundedInformation Systems ManagerSeptember 4, 2018
18-95 *Click here for job details*/00217409, 00217410/(federally-funded)/00217409 - SW Ga RESA | 00217410 - First District RESASTEM/STEAM Program Coordinator - Two (2) New PositionsAugust 31, 2018
18-96 *Click here for job details.*/00217411/(Federally-funded)Education Program Specialist – Fine Arts - New Position August 31, 2018
18-97*Click here for job details*/00197720/State FundedTechnology Analyst 1 September 4, 2018
AASD 17-01 *Click on link for details*/00055728 Hourly Bus Driver- (Atlanta Area School for the Deaf)Until filled
AASD 17-02*Click on link for details*/00055692Facility Maintenance Worker III (Atlanta Area School for the Deaf)Until Filled

 State Charter School Commission Positions

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 Georgia Foundation for Public Education

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