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 Title I, Part C Education of Migratory Children


About Migrant Education

The Migrant Education Program (MEP) is a federally-funded program designed to 
​su​pport comprehensive educational programs for migrant children to h​elp reduce the educational disruption and other problems that result from repeated moves.

For more information about the Georgia MEP, please click on the links below:

​​​For additional information such as program, please visit the Georgia MEP "Areas of Interest" section to the right.

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Welcome to Georgia!

WELCOME TO GEORGIA! If you know of any migrant families or youth moving to our state, connect with our Georgia MEP Identification & Recruitment (ID&R) team.  

Click here to learn more about ​our ID&R team and the different areas they cover​. ​


USED Education of Migratory Children Fact Sheet

Protecting Access to Education for Migratory Children: A Resource for Families and Educators​​​​ - June 2023​ (PDF)

FY​24 Georgia MEP Program Planning

FY24 Streamlined Implementation Plan (IP) Form​

FY24 Implementation Plan Observation Form

FY24 Self-Reflective Fidelity of Implementation Evaluation Form​

FY24 Implementation Plan Evaluation Form (Coming Soon)​

2023 Georgia MEP Summer Program Online Application

The Georgia Department of Education's Title I, Part C - Education of Migratory Children has identified high school dropout prevention and increased awareness of post-secondary opportunities for migrant students as a priority. Through coordination with various universities in Georgia, the Georgia MEP provides middle and high school priority for service (PFS) students the opportunity to apply for these residential summer programs each year.

FY 23 Identification & Recruitment/Data/Professional Development Training 1 - Resources and Materials

the GaDOE requires that direct-funded MEP staff and the ABAC consortium staff be trained to complete the various responsibilities and reports associated with this grant. The training sessions include Identification and Recruitment (ID&R), data reporting topics, and instructional professional development.​

​Below are the materials and resources for the first FY23 Identification & Recruitment (ID&R), Data and Professional Development (PD) Training conducted on August 12, 2022. ​​

CLICK HERE​​ to access the webinar recording. 

​​CLICK HERE​ to download all the presentations and materials for each session as well as any supplemental materials connected to the professional development session.​​​

FY 23 Georgia MEP Re-Sign Training

This training is designed to provide school district migrant staff and contacts with an overview of the Re-sign process for the Georgia MEP:

FY23 Georgia MEP Re-Sign Training​ (Webinar Recording - August 4, 2022)
FY23 Georgia MEP Re-Sign Training Presentation (PDF)​

​Georgia MEP ​ID&R Course Videos:

Success Stories of Students in the Migrant Education Program

The following student stories celebrate the success of migrant participants with the support of the Georgia Migrant Education Program. Each story speaks to the contributions of educators, migrant staff, school administrators, local districts, community partners and migrant parents in helping migrant participants reach their highest potential.

It is our hope that the success stories presented in this publication serve as a source of inspiration to other migrant students and parents, and that it becomes a valuable resource for engaging in dialogue with interested agencies and community leaders working together to not only enhance the services provided to migrant students and families but also to provide them with a better quality of life in their communities. Click on the image below to access the complete PDF publication:

​Georgia MEP's Consortium Incentive Grants ​

The U.S. Department of Education awarded four continuation Consortium Incentive Grants (CIGs) to 33 participating States. The CIG program provides financial incentives to SEAs to improve the interstate or intrastate coordination of migrant education programs by addressing key academic needs of migratory children who have their education interrupted.  The Georgia Migrant Education Program (GaMEP​) has participated in three of the four funded CIG programs since 2015. 

  • ​The Preschool Initiative Consortium Incentive Grant (PI CIG) aims to increase parent engagement and improve migrant preschoolers’ academic performance. For more information visit:
  • Graduation and Outcomes for Success for Out-of-School Youth (GOSOSY) aims to identify and recruit, assess, and develop/deliver services to migrant out-of-school youth (OSY).  For more information visit:
  • The Identification & Recruitment Rapid Response Consortium (IRRC) aims to improve the proper and timely identification and recruitment (ID&R) of eligible migratory children. For more information visit:​​​

 Contact Information

​​​​​​Margarita Munoz
Senior ​Program Manager
Title I, Part C
Phone: ​404-272-8762

​​​​​​Cindell Mathis
Region 1 Coordinator
Title I, Part C
Phone: ​404-491-4725​​

Marisela Trejo
Region 2 Coordinator
Title I, Part C
Phone: ​404-561-​7819