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 Fine Arts

Arts education includes the study of dance, media arts, music, theatre/film, and visual arts. High school students have the opportunity to achieve a Fine Arts Diploma Seal and complete a Career Pathway in dance, music, theatre/film, and visual art. 

Georgia Standards of Excellence in the Arts

The Georgia Standards of Excellence are the state approved standards for Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre/Film, and Visual Art. 

Course Numbers and Descriptions

Arts course names, state numbers, and course descriptions for all five subject areas are listed below. Teachers should use these course descriptions to guide instruction in addition to the standards for their area. 

Creative School Arts Integration School of Excellence Award​

 The purpose of the Creative Schools Arts Integration School of Excellence Award is to promote arts integration as a way to increase engagement and learning in and outside of the arts classroom. 

In awarded schools, all students have access to arts integration and there is rigor and relevance in the arts integration programming. Arts integration professional development is ongoing, the program is well organized, and the school involves the community in the arts. Download the application here. Deadline is April 15th annually. 

ArtsProfessional Development Opportunities for School Systems and RESA's

Fine Arts Instructional Frameworks for Teachers

Georgia Fine Arts teachers have thousands of instructional resources available inside the GA Teacher Resource Link (TRL).  These resources may also be found by downloading the word documents highlighted in green below.

Dance Instructional Frameworks ​​
  • Classical and Contemporary Partnering I
  • Dance I
  • Dance for Theatre I
  • Modern Dance I
  • World Dance Forms I
Media Arts Instructional Frameworks​ 
  • Media Arts I
​​Music Instructional Frameworks 
  • K- 5 General Music 
  • General Music 6
  • Band I
  • Chorus I
  • Orchestra I
  • Music Technology I
Theatre & Film Instructional Frameworks 
  • Theatre & Film 6-8
  • Acting I
  • Advanced Drama I
  • Acting and Production in Film I
  • Dramatic Writing I
  • Fundamentals of Theatre I
  • Musical Theatre I 
  • Tech Theatre I - Coming Soon! 
Visual Art Instructional Frameworks
  • Visual Art K-8
  • Art History I
  • Ceramics I
  • Drawing and Painting I
  • Graphics I
  • Jewelry I
  • Photography I
  • Printmaking I 
  • Sculpture I 
  • Visual Art Comprehensive I

​​Instructions on how to search for the fine arts Instructional Resources inside the TRL

Arts Opportunities for Students

State and National Arts Education Organizations

Fine Arts High School Pathways and Diploma Seal

Georgia public high school students may complete a Fine Arts Pathway in Dance, Music, Theatre, or Visual Art by taking a series of 3 full credits in one fine arts subject area. There are no end of Pathway tests for the Fine Arts Pathways. 

Students who complete a fourth credit in the arts, complete 20 hours of arts related community service, and a capstone project are eligible for the Fine Arts Diploma Seal in approved school districts. 

The district application deadline annually is September 15th. Districts who had their applications accepted previously do not need to resubmit. Schools and districts are responsible for submitting qualifying seniors to the Fine Arts Program Manager by April 15th annually. 

stART Grant
Rural Georgia schools are eligible to apply to receive the stART grant to increase arts education classes during the school day. 


 Contact Information


J. Booth 
Fine Arts Program Manager
Phone: 404-567-0369

P. McClain
Fine Arts Specialist
Phone: 404-463-0589

C. Hall
Fine Arts Specialist