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 Fine Arts


Arts education in Georgia includes the study of dance, media arts, music, theatre/film, and visual arts. High school students have the opportunity to achieve a Fine Arts Diploma Seal while completing a Career Pathway in dance, music, theatre/film, and visual art.  


stART Grant 

FY23 stART RFAs will become available this summer
 The Georgia Department of Education’s Curriculum and Instruction Division, in collaboration with the Title IV, Part A Student Support and Academic Enrichment program office, is pleased to announce the competitive FY23 stART grants. The purpose of the stART grants is to assist rural schools and districts in creating and developing arts initiatives that support quality arts education programs that significantly improve student access to the arts. This RFA is specifically for the creation of new arts programs or the expansion of existing arts programs in rural Georgia.  Pending availability of Title IV, Part A federal funds for the 2022-2023 school year from the U.S. Department of Education, stART grants offer one-time funds to help provide arts programs in schools and systems that currently are lacking fine arts as a fundamental aspect of access to a well-rounded education. Successful proposals must demonstrate that the applicant will increase existing arts learning during the school day and sustain arts learning in future years. A maximum of $10,000 stART grants per application will be awarded for the 2022-2023 school year.    

Rules and Gu​idance​​

Official List of State Funded Fine Arts Courses 

Arts course names, state numbers, and course descriptions for all five subject areas are listed below. Teachers should use these course descriptions to guide instruction in addition to the standards for their area. 

Fine Arts Standards

​Please visit  to view and download the Georgia Standards of Excellence in the Arts. ​

Professional Learning Opportunities​

GaDOE Community 

​We have created Professional Learning Communities for all Fine Arts teachers led by exemplary teachers from across Georgia. In our PLCs, you will find webinars, discussions, and one on one help. Learn how to sign up for this free opportunity at the Fine Arts PLC Link.  

​Professional Development for Arts Teachers

MUSIC Webinars

  1. Differentiation in the Music Classroom
  2. Behavior Basics: ​De-Escalation Strategies for the Music Educator
  3. The Balancing Act: Rebalancing Technology vs. Traditional Music Teaching Methods​
  4. Making Music Magic on a Shoestring Budget​
  5. Assessment in the Music Classroom​ 
  6. ​​TKES in the Music Classroom​
  7. ​​Ukulele 101 for the K-5 General Music Teacher​
  8. ​​Instructional Planning for the Music Educator 
  9. Exceptional Children in the Music Classroom 
  10. Bravo Behavior!
  11. It's A Mystery! Making Mysterious Lessons for the Elementary Music Classroom! ​
  12. ​Music for the Early Childhood Educator (Self-Paced course available now in the GA Learns)
  13. ​Digital Teaching & the Arts (Self-Paced Video Training - ​Click the words Digital Teaching & the Arts in green to download)​​

THEATRE & FILM​ Webinars


  1.  ​Behavior Basics: ​De-Escalation Strategies for the Fine Arts Educator​​
  2. ​Adaptive Art for Exceptional Children in the Visual Art Classroom​ - Modifying Materials​
  3. Adaptive Art for Exceptional Children in the Visual Art Classroom​ - Working with Students with Autism
  4. Adaptive Art for Exceptional Children in the Visual Art Classroom​ - Working with Students with Limited Sight
  5. Adaptive Art for Exceptional Children in the Visual Art Classroom​ - Tips and Tricks for Adapting Art for Students with Disabilities
  6. Critiquing with Kindness (Visual Art): Teaching Students to Engage in Meaningful Critiques
  7. Let's Get Visual Part 1- Inquiry-Based Instructional Activities that SWIRL with Social Studies
  8. Let's Get Visual Part 2 - Arts Integration with Social Studies Classes 
  9. Journal As Reflective Practice 
  10. Using Social Media for Arts Advocacy 101 
  11. Educating the Whole Child: Utilizing Title Funding to Support the Arts 
  12. Visual Art for the Early Childhood Educator (Self-Paced Course available now in GA Learns)​
  13. ​Digital Teaching & the Arts ​

Instruct​ional Resource​s for Fine Arts Teachers and Parents

Instructional resources include examples of year-long scope and sequence maps, unit plans, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, instructional videos, and diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments. These resources are in the GA Teacher Resource Link and may also be found by downloading the PDF links highlighted in green below. 

Dance Instructional Frameworks 
  • HS Classical and Contemporary Partnering I, HS Dance I, HS Dance for Theatre I, HS Modern Dance I​, HS World Dance Forms I​
Media Arts Instructional Frameworks ​ ​
  • HS Media Arts I
Music Instructional Frameworks​  ​​​ ​​

  • K- 5 General Music, General Music 6, HS Band I, HS Chorus I, HS Orchestra I, HS Music Technology I​
Theatre & Film Instructional Frameworks​  ​
  • Theatre & Film 6-8, HS Acting I, HS Advanced Drama I, HS Acting and Production in Film I, HS Dramatic Writing I, HS Fundamentals of Theatre I, HS Musical Theatre I, HS Tech Theatre I
Visual Art Instructional Frameworks​
  • Visual Art K-8, HS Art History I, HS Ceramics I, HS Drawing and Painting I, HS Graphics I, HS Jewelry I, HS Photography I, HS Printmaking I, HS Sculpture I, HS Visual Art Comprehensive I
  • ​​These example fine arts digital lesson plans are for teachers and parents and are easy-to-use and include both “plugged ​and unplugged” activities for use ​in a virtual teaching environment. ​

In response to COVID-19, the Georgia Department of Education partnered with Georgia Public Broadcasting​ to launch the Georgia Home Classroom. Georgia families and teachers can access K-12 resources produced by Georgia teachers that are aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence.​

The Essential Toolkit 

We also provide many other free instructional resources aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). These resources were selected by ​GA DOE content area specialists, to be used by Georgia teachers. Please visit GeorgiaStandards.Org and the Essential Toolkit.

Frequent​ly Requested Information​​​​

Fine Arts High School Pathways and Diploma Seal

Georgia public high school students may complete a Fine Arts Pathway in Dance, Music, Theatre, or Visual Art by taking a series of 3 full credits in one fine art subject area. There is no end of Pathway tests for the Fine Arts Pathways. 

Students who complete a pathway and an additional fourth credit in the arts or creative industry course, complete 20 hours of arts-related community service, participate in arts-related clubs, and complete a capstone project are eligible for the Fine Arts Diploma Seal in school districts that have applied to award the seal. 

The district application deadline is rolling until February 15th. Each month submitted applications will be reviewed for approval. Districts who had their applications accepted previously do not need to resubmit. 

Districts are responsible for submitting qualifying seniors to the Fine Arts Program Manager by April 15th annually. 

*** Note*** The Community service hours are waived for the 2021-22 school year due to COVID 19 restrictions. 

Arts Integration School of Excellence Award 

The Georgia Department of Education recognizes schools with the Creative School, Arts Integration School of Excellence Award. 
The winners are schools where all students have access to arts integration in every subject, and there is both rigor and relevance in the arts integration programming. Arts integration professional development is ongoing, the program is well-organized, and the school involves the community in the arts.
Application materials are due to Jessica Booth on April 15th annually. 
​Download the Creative​ School Award package at the link below: ​

FACE Grant

Fine Arts Consumable and Equipment Grant​

Georgia Fine Arts teachers will be eligible to apply to receive a Fine Arts Consumables and Equipment (FACE) Grant to increase arts education quality during the school day. ​The 2022 FACE grant application window is closed.

stART Grant
Rural Georgia schools are eligible to apply to receive the stART grant to increase arts education classes during the school day. The grant application process is from September to October annually. The 2023 school year grant application window will be open summer of 2022. Please keep checking for release dates. Competitive Grants

Fine Arts Opportunities for Students

State and National Arts Education Organizations

Fine Arts Teacher Certification

​Contact the Georgia Professional Standards Commission regarding certification at (800) 869-7775 or email:​

 Contact Information

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