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 Finance and Business Operations

​​Accounting Services 

Accounting Services supports and maintains the activities of the Department of Education by processing financial information according to the guidelines of the state and federal government. 

Grants Accounting provides payments of both state and federal resources to local school systems and other entities as appropriate. Learn more..

Budget Services 

Budget Services calculates funding requests and allocates funding appropriations for use by the Department of Education for the education of students of Georgia. Learn more..

​Facilities Services 

Facilities Services assists local school systems in developing long-range capital improvement plans, acquiring the funds needed to implement their plans, and reviewing their architect's plans to construct adequate and safe school facilities. Learn more..​​

Financial Review 

Financial Review works with local school systems in the appropriate expenditure and reporting of state and federal education funds. Learn more..​

Human Resources 

Human Resources hires, retains and compensates employees with the skills and abilities to accomplish the purpose and goals of the Department. Learn more..

Internal Support 

Internal Support provides support to the Department of Education in the areas of procurement and operations.Learn​ more..

Pupil Transportation 

Pupil Transportation assists local school systems in the areas of driver training, funding, equipment specifications and purchases, interpretation of state and federal laws and regulations, and routing. Learn more..

School Nutrition 

School Nutrition provides leadership, training and technical assistance, and resources so that local program personnel may deliver quality meals and education that contribute to the nutritional well-being of Georgians and their performance at work and school.​ Lear​n more..​​


 Contact Information

Rusk Roam
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 404-656-2492