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 Literacy and Striving Readers Grant

​The Georgia Literacy Task Force’s definition of literacy is the ability to speak, listen, read, and write, as well as to view print and non-print text in order to achieve the following: 

  • to communicate effectively with others,
  • to think and respond critically in a variety of settings to a myriad of print and non-print text, and
  • to access, use, and produce multiple forms of media, information, and knowledge in all content areas.

As a part of the federal Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy planning grant, the Georgia Department of Education is developing a state literacy plan. The Georgia Literacy Task Force (GLTF) was established in 2008 to begin development of the Georgia Literacy plan. 

Georgia Striving Reader Comprehensive Literacy Grant 

Striving Reader Literacy Planning Documents

 Birth to Five 



​Striving Readers Annual Evaluations​

  • Longitudinal External Evaluation of Striving Readers Project 2012-2017



“US Dept. of Education Case Study of Georgia’s Striving Readers Proje