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 State Board of Education

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Georgia Board of Education with the State School Superintendent will provide the statewide leadership necessary to ensure the opportunity for each public school student to be successf​ul. We will work to create an environment in which local schools and systems are empowered to develop policies and programs that meet the educational needs of their students, that support teachers, and that involve parents and communities in the education process.


Georgia's Congressional Districts
The State Board of Education's ​districts are aligned with Georgia's Congressional Districts. To find out which Congressional District you live in, use the
Find Your Representative tool


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Click on a State Board membe​​r's name for bi​ography information.​

Photo of Mike Long

Mike Long 
First Congressional District
Tel: (470) 676-1803
Fax: (770) 302-7629
Photo of Butch Mosely

Dr. David "Butch" Mosely
Second Congressional District
Tel: (470) 676-1802
Fax: (770) 302-7629

Photo of Helen Rice

Helen Odom Rice
Third Congressional District
Tel: (470) 676-1815
Fax: (770) 302-7629
Photo of Lisa Kinnemore

Lisa Kinnemore
Fourth Congressional District
Tel: (470) 676-1810
Fax: (770) 302-7629
state board of education member Kenneth Mason

Kenneth Mason
Fifth Congressional District
Tel: (470) 676-1811
Fax: (770) 302-7629
Photo of Scott Sweeney

Scott Sweeney
Sixth Congressional District
Tel: (470) 676-1812
Fax: (770) 302-7629


Photo of Mike Royal

Mike Royal
Seventh Congressional District  
Tel: (470) 676-1813
Fax: (770) 302-7629
Photo of Jason Downey 

Jason Downey
Eighth Congressional District
Vice Chair
Tel: (470) 676-1806
Fax: (770) 302-7629
Photo of Martha Zoller

Martha Zoller
Ninth Congressional District
Tel: (470) 676-1807
Fax: (770) 302-7629
Photo of Dr. Stanley W. DeJarnett  

Dr. Stanley W. DeJarnett
Tenth Congressional District
Tel: (470) 676-1808
Fax: (770) 302-7629
Photo of Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson
Eleventh Congressional District
Tel: (470) 676-1805
Fax: (770) 302-7629
Photo of Matt W. Donaldson

Matt W. Donaldson
Twelfth Congressional District
Tel: (470) 676-1809
Fax: (770) 302-7629

Photo of Leonte Benton

Leonte Benton
Thirteenth Congressional District

Tel: (470) 676-1804
Fax: (770) 302-7629


Photo of Phenna Petty

Phenna Rene Petty
Fourteenth Congressional District
Tel: (470) 676-1801
Fax: (770) 302-7629


Photo of Tracey Nance Pendley

Tracey Nance Pendley
Ex-Officio (Georgia Teacher of the Year)
Tel: (404) 657-7410
Fax: (770) 302-7629


Photo of State School Superintendent Richard Woods Richard Woods
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: (404) 656-2800
Fax: (770) 302-7629