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2008 Learning Resources Evaluation Sites and Times

MEDIA CONTACT: GaDOE Communications office, (404) 651-7358,    June 27, 2008 -- The Georgia Department of Education announced today the  2008 Learning Resources Evaluation Sites and Times .  The purpose of the state learning resource process is to provide local school systems with a recommended list of learning resources for use in Georgia's public schools. This list is generated by the state learning resources advisory committee based upon an evaluation process in which educators and the public are given the opportunity to review and make comments on materials submitted for consideration by publishers. The recommendation process is based upon a six year cycle. Each year the state reviews learning resources that relate to a particular subject or group of subjects in order to create a state-recommended list of learning resources. Please click on the link to our  Textbook Page  and visit the  Frequently Asked Questions  for additional information.   The goal of this process is to provide school systems with a variety of learning resources to choose from for each elementary/middle grades subject area and high school state-funded courses. Learning resources that meet standards as set by the state are recommended. Each local system will determine which learning resource best meet its particular instructional needs.   School systems rely on the recommended list as their primary source of information about available learning resources and turn to it first when beginning their local recommendation process.   This year, the advisory committee will compile a list of K-8 English Language Arts/Reading, Secondary Mathematics III & IV and Accelerated Mathematics II & III learning resources and instructional materials.   There are thirteen (13) evaluation sites. There is one evaluation site in each of the 13 congressional districts.   Educators and the public may visit and examine learning resources at our 13 sites from June 30 - July 18, 2008. After this review, the learning resources advisory committee will meet (July 29-30) to compile a recommended list of learning resources for approval by the  State Board of Education .