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CTAE graduation rate rises to 97.75%

Rising graduation rate underscores effectiveness of career education programs


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April 19, 2024 – The graduation rate for Georgia students involved in Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) has risen to 97.75%.


This rate – which applies to students who complete a Career Pathway – exceeds the overall state graduation rate by 13.35 percentage points, underscoring the relevance and effectiveness of CTAE opportunities. The 2022 CTAE graduation rate was 97.12%.


“Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education exemplifies our mission of preparing all students for life,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “The graduation rate for students who engage in CTAE opportunities continues to show how these programs engage students in their education and prepare them for their next steps after high school. We will continue to invest in CTAE and the relevant, industry-recognized skills it provides for our students.”


CTAE in Georgia delivers a high-school experience that prepares students for their lives after high school. Students can learn skills for real-world careers in 144 Career Pathways – from financial technology to flight operations – while earning recognized industry credentials and participating in work-based learning and apprenticeship opportunities.


“Completing a CTAE pathway is an opportunity for Georgia students to gain real-world, relevant experience for future careers,” State CTAE Director Dr. Barbara Wall said. “The CTAE graduation rate is an indicator both of students’ future workplace success, and of the future economic health of our state.”


Career Pathways are for all students, no matter which path they plan to take. Pathway completers are prepared to pursue higher education, enter the military, accept an apprenticeship opportunity or immediately begin their career.


“Being a double pathway completer in healthcare science and early childhood education has impacted my high school experience in a great way,” said Alma Morales, a 2023 graduate of Johnson High School in Hall County. “The healthcare science pathway helped to clarify whether I wanted to continue to pursue a career in the healthcare field before committing to taking classes for it in college. Now that I am in college, being exposed to some healthcare concepts has helped me understand the basic material, and being a pathway completer in early childhood education has helped me to understand that specializing in pediatrics is what I want to do.” 


Career Clear awareness campaign shines a light on CTAE opportunities

To ensure students, educators, and parents are aware of the myriad benefits and opportunities provided by CTAE pathways, the Georgia Department of Education and Technical College System of Georgia have partnered to launch the Career Clear awareness campaign.


The campaign underscores the importance of career education in fostering a skilled workforce for the future and the versatility and depth of CTAE, which encompasses 144 distinct pathways leading to a wide array of career opportunities. 


The initiative highlights how CTAE courses are tailored to meet the evolving needs of Georgia’s businesses and industries, ensuring that the education provided is both relevant and practical. The campaign is set to leverage digital platforms extensively, aiming to inspire a new generation to explore careers that align with their talents and interests, while closing the skills gap in the state’s workforce.


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