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2013 Young Georgia Authors competition winners announced


MEDIA CONTACT: Matt Cardoza, GaDOE Communications Office, (404) 651-7358,
Dorie Turner Nolt, GaDOE Communications Office, (404) 656-5594,
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June 19, 2013 – The Georgia Department of Education is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Young Georgia Authors writing competition.


Congratulations to these students!


Kindergarten - Bornini Chandra, Medlock Bridge Elementary, Fulton County
1st grade - Chase Mahoney, Lake Windward Elementary, Fulton County
2nd grade - Isabella Szabo, Sweet Apple Elementary, Fulton County
3rd grade - Katherine Brulte, Pearson Elementary, Atkinson County
4th grade - Abigail Schulze, Big Creek Elementary, Forsyth County
5th grade - Caroline Wanona Gilbert, Bleckley Elementary, Bleckley County
6th grade - Mallory Singletary, Thomas County Middle, Thomas County
7th grade - Elim Lee, Harris County Carver Middle, Harris County
8th grade - Ruthie Harrison, Davis Middle, Rockdale County
9th grade - Elizabeth Richmond, Winder Barrow High, Barrow County
10th grade - Courtney Keeler, Cass High, Bartow County
11th grade - Annabel McSpadden, North Oconee High, Oconee County
12th grade - Shelby House, Pierce County High, Pierce County
The Young Georgia Authors (YGA) writing competition encourages students to develop enthusiasm for and expertise in their writing. The program provides a context to celebrate students’ writing successes and to recognize student achievement in arts and academics. This prestigious competition is open to any student enrolled in Georgia K-12 public schools. The competition is co-sponsored by the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) and the Georgia Council of Teachers of English (GCTE). Members of GCTE read all the entries and select the finalists. YGA does not provide a prompt or provide any other boundaries to students, beyond a limit of five pages. Entries may include: short stories, poetry, essays, literary criticism, analysis, journalism, academic research reports, personal narratives or any other original student writing.