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Advice for first-year teachers

If you could give one piece of advice to first-year teachers, what would it be? ​We asked that question on our Facebook ( and Twitter (@gadoenews) accounts. Here are a few of the responses.

"Try to remember something personal about each kid and ask them about it later. Relationships are key!"
-Jessica Jacobs, on Twitter

"Breathe, and be kind to yourself. The first day of school is the opening act of the play, not the final scene. Enjoy the process." 
-Shekema Silveri, on Twitter

"Build relationships with your students. Once you let them know you care about them, then they will do anything for you." 
-Patti Lynch Hitson, on Facebook

"Be yourself and model classroom management and success from a good mentor." 
-Tammy Davis, on Facebook

"Learn to admit when you're wrong, to laugh at your goofs, and to ask for help!"
-Kathy Krebs, on Facebook

"Be consistent with your rules and procedures. Get them into a clear routine. If students know that you have high expectations, they will rise to meet them." 
-Melissa Sendek, on Facebook

"My motto is 'firm, fair and consistent.'" 
-Denise Cox Barnes, on Facebook

"Don't be gender-biased. Be kind, fair and have integrity. If you have challenging kids, don't scream or pull your hair out, get creative. Find ways to motivate without fear."
-Maggie Kat J, on Facebook

"Love your students. Ask for help when you need it. Let your students teach you them that everyone in your class learns...even the teacher."
-Jaki Day, on Facebook

"Humor works wonders."
-Lynne Crothers Williams, on Facebook

To all of Georgia's teachers -- we're wishing you your best year yet.​