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What was the highlight of your first week of school?

Now that school has started all over the state, what was the highlight of your first week? ​We asked that question on our Facebook ( and Twitter (@gadoenews) accounts. Here are a few of the responses.​

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"At the end of the day, asking students how their first day was and hearing this over and over -- 'It was awesome!'"
-Mindy Reid (@LeaderandReader) on Twitter

"I am a librarian and I loved all the kids who came to the library the first two days of school. I am already developing a lunchtime crowd."
-Elaine Willis on Facebook

"All smiles again in Forsyth County. Love our teachers!"
-@kristymiss on Twitter

"The highlight of the first week back is always seeing my students from last year (now in 8th grade)! It always warms my heart, and I feel like a mini-celebrity for a while. I think it's important for my new students to see the loving and positive relationships I've built with students from the past."
-Georgia Herring Dibble on Facebook

"Highlight of my week was getting excited siblings of my 8th graders last year! 'My sis says hi.'"
-Kassidy Bynoe (@Ms_Bynoe) on Twitter

"As a parent, it was wonderful seeing so many smiling happy faces. Teachers and staff were so loving and welcoming. As a volunteer it was seeing so many of our kids excited about being back at school."
-Mary Haggins Talmage on Facebook

"Smaller class sizes! It has made such a difference in interacting with my students."
-@4thRoeKWalk on Twitter

"Finding out that my 10th grade students in the support math class rushed into their class and enthusiastically asked the support teacher if they could get on one of the computers to work on their project for me...and they worked on it diligently for the whole period! Warmed my heart that they're enjoying it!"
-Louise Ann on Facebook

"My 8th graders' responses to the question, 'What are YOU teaching the world?'"
-Linda Wilson Winfree on Facebook

"As a parent hearing my daughter come home & tell me that she loves her first week of school as a 6th grader at Floyd Middle School. I'm so ready to be an involved parent."
-Electria Turner on Facebook

"Hearing the excitement in my two boys' voices about how this was going to be the 'best year ever!'"
-Stacey Green Beckham on Facebook

"One of the first students to come in was so excited to see our decorations and renovations. He screamed with delight, 'I'm in school heaven!' That was confirmation we are on the right track. That tied with a student with disabilities recognizing me from the morning news show when I entered his classroom to visit. He said, 'I know you! You said we are powerful!' Yes, sir! You are! You just don't know how much!"
-Lezley Barker Anderson on Facebook

What's been the highlight of ​​your start of school?