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American Legion of Georgia donates $10,000 to help distribute constitutions to every Georgia fourth-grader

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March 31, 2015The Georgia American Legion has donated $10,000 to help State School Superintendent Richard Woods and the Georgia Department of Education distribute copies of the Constitution to every fourth-grader in Georgia.

Superintendent Woods first spoke about the project, which upon completion will provide a pocket copy of the Constitution to each of Georgia’s 120,000+ fourth-graders, in the early days of his term. All funding will be donated and no taxpayer funds will be used to purchase or distribute the Constitutions.

“I am so grateful to the American Legion of Georgia for recognizing the importance of this project and helping
us bring it to life,” Superintendent Woods said. “I have a concern for our nation that our young people need to know and understand what our veterans fought for – our freedom. They need to know about the greatness of America and the importance of sacrifice. The Constitution is the bedrock of our beliefs and values as a country – understand it, study its words, and you understand why those sacrifices are made. This is a document that begins ‘we the people,’ not ‘we the government.’ Knowing that next year, more than 120,000 fourth-graders will be able to carry those words with them, literally and figuratively, is a great thing. I’m thrilled to provide these Constitutions as a gift to our students and, as a former social studies educator, thrilled to provide them as a resource to their teachers.”

Donations are still underway to fund the full project. Anyone interested in contributing c
an make a tax-deductible donation to the Georgia Foundation for Public Education​ by sending a check and designating it to “Pocket Constitutions.”

Georgia Foundation for Public Education

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