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Georgia Department of Education offering increased flexibility in TKES implementation

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September 11, 2015In response to the concerns of teachers and school leaders, the Georgia Department of Education is working to allow modified implementation of the Teacher Keys Effectiveness System, beginning with a pilot in selected districts this year. Information from the 2015-2016 pilot will assist the GaDOE moving forward to expand modified implementation to all districts.

In plain language, modified implementation means tha
t six observations will not be required for all teachers, allowing for a more personalized approach to evaluating teachers. Highly effective teachers are eligible to receive fewer observations, while new or ineffective teachers will receive the standard six. 

“There has been a call from school-level
leaders all over Georgia to reduce the administrative burden resulting from the Teacher Keys Effectiveness System,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “I could not agree more with their concerns. One-size-fits-all doesn’t work for our teachers, any more than it does for our students. A tiered observation system, which we will pilot in selected districts this year, will free up time for administrators to focus on improving the instruction of the school’s teachers that need the most attention.”

The following school districts
will participate in the 2015-16 modified implementation pilot:

Ben Hill County

Cherokee County

Clayton County

Griffin-Spalding County

Peach County

White County

These districts represent high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, and charter schools in urban, suburban, and rural areas throughout Georgia.​