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Georgia students increase SAT scores in all areas, outperform nation on redesigned SAT

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2016 Results

2016 High School Results on traditional SAT


2015 Results

2015 High School SAT Results


NOTE: College Board is not reporting school or district results to the state for the new SAT due to the number of students who participated.


September 27, 2016 – Georgia students increased their scores on every section of the traditional SAT in 2016. On the new SAT, a redesigned test with a different scoring system, Georgia students outperformed the national average, and ranked 36th in the nation. A total of 69,922 students in the class of 2016 took the SAT (old or new) at least once. 

On the “old” SAT, Georgia’s class of 2016 recorded a mean composite score of 1459 – up nine points since 2015, when the mean score was 1450. Mean scores increased from 490 to 493 for critical reading, 485 to 490 for math, and 475 to 476 for writing.

Some students in Georgia’s class of 2016 took the redesigned SAT, which scores students in evidence-based reading and writing (ERW) and math.

“I am pleased to see the hard work of Georgia’s teachers, students, parents, and partners in education paying off,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “This is just one measure of achievement, but it’s a signal that more students are prepared for the future, and that’s something to celebrate. As we continue to realign our focus and pursue policies that prepare children to learn, live, and lead in the future, I believe we’ll see continued increases in SAT scores and other indicators.”

On the PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10, 40,330 Georgia eleventh graders took the test and recorded a mean total score of 1030 – higher than the national mean of 1009. Georgia juniors recorded a mean score of 519 in evidence-based reading and writing and 510 in math, compared to the national mean of 507 in ERW and 502 in math. 

About the New SAT

The College Board redesigned the SAT to make it more straightforward and connected to classroom learning. Some of the changes reflected in the new SAT include removing the guessing penalty, focusing on words students will use in college and careers, and making the essay optional.

This year’s new SAT data cannot be compared to that of previous years because the redesigned SAT is a different assessment from the old SAT. Moreover, the scale that has been established for the SAT Suite of Assessments is a new scale.

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