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Funds from Educator/Support Education license tags benefit Georgia students

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February 6, 2017 – If you’re a Georgia resident looking for a way to support public education, there’s a simple way: select a “Support Education” or “Educator” tag when you renew your Georgia license plate.

A portion of the proceeds from each Educator/Support Education license plate directly benefits the Georgia Foundation for Public Education – a neutral, nonpartisan organization that funds innovative educational programs across Georgia. GFPE is operationally provisioned by the Georgia Department of Education, with oversight by a Board of Directors whose members are selected, in part, by the State School Superintendent and State Board of Education.

GFPE provides funding for programs that directly benefit students – including, but not limited to, classroom grants for Georgia’s district Teachers of the Year and post-secondary scholarships for students at Georgia’s state schools for blind, deaf, and hard of hearing students. The foundation receives $10 for every Educator/Support Education special license plate purchased.

“Every time I see a ‘Support Education’ or ‘Educator’ tag with that shiny red apple, I send a thought of gratitude to the driver,” GFPE Executive Director Paige Pushkin said. “Whether they know it or not, their donation is positively contributing to the growth of Georgia students all over the state. I’m grateful many times over on a daily basis for the donors who allow us to serve more students in more schools, all over Georgia.”

Of the funds GFPE receives from Educator/Support Education tags, 48 percent goes to grant funding for schools and teachers; 27 percent goes to global workforce development, Advanced Placement, and other GFPE-supported educational programs; 15 percent goes to scholarships for students at Georgia’s state schools, and 10 percent is placed in an investment fund to ensure the continued solvency of the foundation. None of the funds are used for administrative or personnel costs. 

“For years, those selecting the Educator/Support Education license plate have provided valuable funding to support quality education programs across the state,” GFPE board member Ann Cramer said. “As a Georgia Foundation for Public Education board member, I am grateful to each of these donors for their ongoing investment in Georgia’s K-12 education system.”

Learn more about Educator/Support Education tags here, and learn more about the Georgia Foundation for Public Education here. You can also donate directly to GFPE or reach out with questions here.​