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Superintendent Woods suspends state testing administration, accountability requirements; other COVID-19 updates


March 16, 2020 – As the COVID-19 outbreak continues and many public schools are closed to ensure the safety of students and staff, State School Superintendent Richard Woods is suspending the following until further notice:

  • ​State assessment window/administration (including Georgia Milestones EOGs and EOCs, the Georgia Alternate Assessment/GAA 2.0, and all other required testing
  • Teacher and leader evaluation (TKES/LKES) requirements and reporting
  • State-level attendance-related consequences (including CCRPI, TKES/LKES, School Climate Star Rating, and make-up day requirements)

Right now, schools’ focus needs to be on the safety of their students and staff,” Superintendent Woods said. “The focus should be first and foremost on health and safety, then on flexible and creative ways to keep learning and growing. It’s common sense: testing and accountability requirements should not place an additional burden on students, parents, and educators during this time, and they will not in Georgia.”

At the State Board of Education meeting on March 27 (which will be conducted via teleconference), Superintendent Woods will recommend the approval of a package of waivers, including suspension of the 20% course grade requirement for the Georgia Milestones EOC.

The Georgia Department of Education will seek the maximum authority and waivers afforded by the U.S. Department of Education and other federal agencies to accommodate this ever-evolving situation. Click here for the most recent guidance from the U.S. Department of Education regarding assessment and accountability during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Other COVID-19 Updates

GaDOE previously announced that Georgia received waivers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to extend meal service flexibility, allowing schools to serve students’ meals through USDA-approved meal service options at state-approved sites within the community – similar to the way schools and districts offer student meals during the summer months. As of Monday morning, 102 school district applications had been approved by GaDOE’s school nutrition staff. Please check local school district websites and social media sources for information on how to access local sites.

We continue to post updated information, including student learning resources and a tracking tool for school closures, to

Finally, the Department wishes to thank Governor Kemp and his staff for their leadership and partnership, along with dedicated district and school leaders, educators, parents, and students who are coming together and working hard to ensure Georgia’s students are safe and well during the COVID-19 outbreak.