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Georgia Writing Project


The Georgia Writing Project (GaWP) sites provide educators in schools and/or districts with high-quality professional learning that emphasizes teachers as writers and learning how to develop students as writers. The GaWP sites draw on more than four decades of research and practice in the teaching of writing and offer a broad range of professional learning opportunities in a variety of formats. Teacher Consultants at the Georgia Writing Project sites designs specific, relevant, and meaningful professional learning sessions that promote engaging and effective writing opportunities for students. In 2018, GaWP presented a live-streamed series at GCTE. To view those recorded sessions and explore the accompanying resources, click on the following links:


Cherokee Rose Writing Project (University of West Georgia)​
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Contact for information about professional learning:
Dr. Jennifer Allen -
Dr. Bethany Scullin -

Georgia Southern Logo  

Georgia Southern Writing Project (Georgia Southern University)​
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Contact for information about professional learning:
Dr. Kathy Albertson -
Amanda Hedrick -

Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project Logo  

Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project (Kennesaw State University)​
Contact for information about professional learning:
Dr. Jennifer Dail -
Michelle Goodsite -


Red Clay Writing Project (The University of Georgia)
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Contact for information about professional learning:
Dr. Stephanie Jones -
Dr. Hilary Hughes -

A little bit more about us:

Our Philosophy:

The Georgia Writing Project works with teachers by positioning them as writers in their own right as well as leaders in their schools and communities. We believe teachers are the key to professional learning, and we aim to empower them to develop and deliver professional learning in their own schools and communities. Our priority is the ongoing development of education professionals and leaders that is authentic to the specific needs of the teacher, school or district, and ultimately to meet the needs of the student and community.


Our Services:

Through our job-embedded work, we offer teachers a stronger foundation for the teaching of writing and literacy more broadly that is grounded in over four decades of research and practice across the United States and abroad. At the core of our work, we position teachers as writers within their own peer groups and classrooms, writing with and for their students and others. This shifts the dynamic in the writing classroom creating space for more open conversation, more relevant writing experiences, more explicit teaching of craft and skills, and far greater growth in writing overall.


Our People:

Our sites are housed at universities, but our teachers are locally placed throughout the state, so unlike the majority of professional development resources, we are not a one-shot “kit.” As active teachers and literacy researchers ourselves, the Georgia Writing Project consultants are here to stay. We recognize that no two schools or school systems have the same needs, and we help teachers develop writing and literacy activities in the areas that they identify needing the most support. We listen and learn from each other while also offering literacy resources, from workshops and in-classroom demonstrations to literacy institutes and conferences year-round.


Writing Project teachers tell us that this professional learning is among the best – and usually the best – professional experiences they have ever had. Here are just a few quotes, but we can send you hundreds if you want to read all the rave reviews!