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 Special Needs Scholarship Calculator Introduction

​​ 2023-20​24 PLEASE READ:

  • ​There is no application to complete for the GSNS Program for your child to attend a participating private school if they qualify for a scholarship award.
  • All students ​eligible for a scholarship award for the 23-24 school year are automatically added to the scholarship calculator based on the requirements set forth in state law. 
  • When you enter the scholarship calculator, follow the prompts to see if your child qualfies for a scholarship. 

​​Note: Scholarship award amounts are based upon the services the student received in the local school district. (Click here for more information.)

If an award sheet generates, print two copies, ​take one and present it to the 
participating​ private school of your choice and keep the other copy for your records. Be sure to let the school know that you are trying to enroll your child through the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship program.  

  • Requests for GaDOE Individual Review of Scholarship Awards

    The Georgia Department of Education determines scholarship awards in our Scholarship Calculator based on data provided to us annually by local school systems. When we receive a parent inquiry form regarding a scholarship award or absence of an award with an IEP or 504 Plan we must initiate an internal review of the case across all our data systems, as well as coordinating with each local school system individually to review their records to validate whether or not a student should qualify for a scholarship award. At the opening of the scholarship calculator each year we receive numerous requests for individual review, and we are processing them as expeditiously as possible to provide a determination to families. We appreciate your understanding as we work through the proper review of each Parent Inquiry Form.


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