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Georgia Department of Education debuts new Career Ready Diploma Seal

MEDIA CONTACT: Meghan Frick, GaDOE Communications Office, 404-463-4246,

SCHOOL DISTRICT CONTACT: Dawn Mann, GaDOE School Counseling Program Manager,

Attached: Mockup of Career Ready Diploma Seals

Click here for a printable brochure on the Career Ready Diploma Seal

July 23, 2018 – The Georgia Department of Education is offering a new Career Ready Diploma Seal – an additional recognition, layered onto the regular high school diploma, for students with exceptional accomplishments in activities, courses, and experiences that foster career readiness.

Endorsed by the Georgia Chamber, the Metro Atlanta Chamber, Georgia Power, the Georgia Association of Manufacturers and other business/industry partners, the seal serves as a signal to employers that a student is prepared to participate in the workforce. The Career Ready Diploma Seal will be available for the first time to 2019 graduates of Georgia’s public high schools. 

The Career Ready Diploma Seal is one of five seals that can be layered onto the regular high school diploma; seals are also available in Civic Engagement, Fine Arts, Biliteracy, and International Skills.

“As educational leaders, ‘college ready’ cannot be our only focus,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “Career education is essential, too – for every student. Our new Career Ready Diploma Seal will recognize students who– for example – have completed Career Pathways or soft skills training; who have gained industry-recognized credentials or participated in work-based learning. It will be a signal to their future employers that they are ready to participate in the workforce. This is part of a broader effort to recognize students with skills that go above and beyond traditional academics, students who have truly shown they are ready for life.”

Chris Clark, President & CEO of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, said:

“Creating innovative partnerships and solutions to meet the ever-changing workforce demands are the highest priority for the Georgia Chamber and business community. Embedding work-based training and soft skills development into academic instruction are vital in our continued efforts to develop the next generation of talent. Through the establishment of the Career Ready Diploma Seal we can better prepare Georgians for jobs of the future. We applaud this dynamic new initiative.”

Six versions of the seal are available, each tailored to specific career-related experiences and accomplishments:

  • Employability/Soft Skills Seal
  • Distinguished Employability/Soft Skills Seal
  • Pathway Skills Seal
  • Distinguished Pathway Skills Seal
  • Leadership Skills Seal
  • Distinguished Leadership Skills Seal

Click here to view all requirements for each seal.

The Career Ready Diploma Seal is endorsed by the following business/industry partners:

  • Georgia Chamber
  • Metro Atlanta Chamber
  • Georgia Power
  • Georgia Association of Manufacturers
  • Associated General Contractors of Georgia
  • American Subcontractors Association – Georgia Chapter
  • Masonry Association of Georgia
  • Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc.
  • Atlanta Electrical Contractors Association
  • Georgia Apartment Association Foundation
  • Conditioned Air Association of Georgia, Inc.
  • Construction Industry Employers Roundtable
  • Sheet Metal Air Conditioning National Association – Georgia

School districts interested in offering the Career Ready Diploma Seal can contact Dawn Mann, GaDOE School Counseling Program Manager, at  

The Career Ready Diploma Seal is part of the Educating Georgia’s Future Workforce initiative, which is aimed at increasing the state’s focus on career education and expanding partnerships with the business community.