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 How We Accomplish Our Mission

We accomplish our mission through these nine steps:

1. Safety Renewal Education

Provide each CDL-licensed school bus driver in the state with a minimum of two or a maximum or three hours of safety renewal education annually.

2. Bus Driver Trainer Certification

Provide a certification program for every school bus driver trainer in the state who delivers initial and/or ongoing instruction to the beginning or veteran school bus driver.

3. Monetary Support

Strive for a maximum monetary support for the local school system by performing funding surveys for regular, special needs, vocational and state school programs.

4. Technician Workshop

Provide the school bus technician with a four day annual workshop involving instruction from all aspects of the transportation industry. aspects

5. School Bus Specifications

Evaluate and update annually the State School Bus Specification Manual in conjunction with the Georgia Board of Education Specification Committee.

6. School Bus Driver Training Manual

Publish and edit annually the state's School Bus Driver Training Manual.

7. Transportation Administrator Workshop

Provide the local student transportation administrator with a two day workshop annually, providing new state and federal regulations, exposure to pressing trends in the industry and best practices that are on the cutting edge.

8. Transportation Director's Network

Provide a network for the transportation director to engage in dialogue with their colleagues and state transportation consultant on a monthly basis for updates and best practices. This network is to be centered in the sixteen RESA districts.

9. Pupil Transportation Records

Provide an assessment instrument for an annual self evaluation of mandated records and recommended best practices; with the School Transportation Consultant conducting an on-site assessment every five years using the same format.