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Reimbursement for Special Education Services to Students in Private School or Homeschool

Governor Brian P. Kemp has issued a press release regarding Applications for Families of Children with Special Needs Reimbursement. You may access the press release by Clicking Here.

Reimbursement for Services to Families of Children with Disabilities in Private Schools or Homeschools during COVID-19

Reimburse expenses that parents and guardians of students with disabilities have incurred while providing a quality education for their children during COVID-19.

Before beginning the application, please note this application requires data entry and document upload. You will not be able to submit the application without the following information.

  • County of Residence
  • School Name
  • Scanned/Photo copies of Reimbursement expenses to be uploaded while submitting this application (Acceptable file formats include: .pdf, .jpg, .png).
  • Scanned/Photo copies of Documentation that a disability exist which could include one of the following items: diagnosis from doctor and the impact on educational progress, if the child was in public school at one time, a statement of the disability, Service Plan, old IEP, old eligibility report, Babies Can’t Wait documentation, or statement from private school stating the disability (Acceptable file formats include: .pdf, .jpg, .png).

The Special Needs Reimbursement for private school/homeschool families is NOT for reimbursement of school tuition payments.

Completed applications are due by 7/31/2022