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 SketchUp for Schools

The Ske​​​​tchUp Pro licensing grant program for K-12 has officially ended. You can now access SketchUp for Schools via the web.

With the launch of SketchUp for Schools, we now have a K-12 specific product that is available free to schools around the world. SketchUp for Schools is a web-based 3D modeling app available through Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) and Microsoft education platforms. Since it's built on these educational platforms, SketchUp for Schools is accessible to millions of students around the world without the need for software licensing.

As a web app, SketchUp for Schools is compatible with Chromebooks and features built-in training tutorials and a curriculum to help students and teachers quickly gain confidence and improve their 3D modeling skills. SketchUp for Schools is built on the same 3D modeling platform as SketchUp Pro and can be used to design anything, from parks and skyscrapers to 3D-printable action figures. For more information, please visit:

Moving forward, we encourage all schools utilizing the SketchUp Pro grant to explore the exciting features available in SketchUp for Schools, including in-app video tutorials, K-12 lesson plans, and 3D printing tools. ​​

 Contact Information

Jesse Peavy 
Knowledge and Training Specialist