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 Dual Enrollment Program


Dual Enrollment, formerly Transition Career Partnerships (TCP) is designed to prepare students for college and career opportunities leading students to postsecondary institutions for an industry recognized certification or licensure, an associate and/or higher college ​​​degree, and successful employment. Georgia has created a singular program known as Dual Enrollment for students in grades 9-12 who qualify to participate. Students may enroll on a part-time or full-time basis as a Dual Enrollment student and take college courses at their high school or on a postsecondary campus. Students will receive high school and college credit simultaneously when attending and passing approved college classes.

FY2019 Dual Enrollment Documents

Dual Enrollment Task Force

A dual enrollment task force has been formed by the Governor to study how to improve the opportunities that are available for students through our dual enrollment programs. Additionally, the task force will look at improving and streamlining the process that students and schools use in applying and enrolling in secondary institutions. Please be aware of possible changes and that further information will be forthcoming as more direction is given.

Transition Career Partnerships

Transition Career Partnerships will help develop a well-educated, technically trained, and highly competitive workforce in Georgia that will be widely recognized as the best in the nation. Through a coordinated effort with business and industry, Transition Career Partnerships is designed to prepare students for career opportunities by providing an education that is composed of coherent, articulated sequences of rigorous academic and career related courses. Business and industry partners play a vital role in defining appropriate standards of performance, providing input concerning the validity of current pathways, and assessing school programs to assure we are preparing the skilled professionals they need.

Transition Career Partnerships Vision

To form partnerships that build workforce development opportunities for students through career pathways.

Mission statement

To strengthen the link between secondary and postsecondary education and to maximize the successful, seamless transition of students from one educational level to another that includes increased student academic, career and technical achievement. To assure that every student will be prepared to advance to a successful career and understand the benefits of lifelong learning.

Transition Career Partnerships Goals

  1. Produce graduates who are ready for college level studies and/or direct entry into a high skill, high wage and high demand work force.

  2. Provide guidance to local systems in developing appropriate career pathways to increase and improve opportunities for students.

  3. Involve and engage business and industry through establishment of a local business council for the purpose of providing resources and support for secondary Career Technical Education and engaging students in workforce development.

  4. Assist in the development and implementation of a more effective seamless transition process.


 Contact Information

Molly Ream​
Program Specialist, Dual Enrollment
Phone: 404-657-8314
Cell: 404-548-5475

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