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 Preparing Financial Statements


Financial Statement Preparation (worksheets to assist in balancing Exh B)

Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA)

​GASB 96 S​ubscription-Based Information Technology Arrangements (SBITAs)​


FY 2023

​FY 2022

Additional Information​
​FY 2022

​​Additional Information

 GASB 68 Sample Notes

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 Contact Information

Amy Rowell
Director, Financial Review
Cell 404-710-6239

Saranna Charping (Milledgeville)       Cell 404-556-4169​​ ​​​ ​​​​​

​​ ViolaDarrington(Atlanta)                      Cell 404-276-5046

Liz Harlow (Loganville)    ​                         Cell 404-416-2544​ 

Brittany McCarty (Cartersvillle)           Cell 404-757-1000 ​​​​​​

​Rhonda Metts (Naylor)
Cell 404-710-9727

Debara Montgomery (Atlanta)​   ​         ​Cell 404-308-9557

Russ Swindle (Atlanta)

Chris Toles (Rome)
Cell 404-556-7376

​​Jasmine Williams (Sandersville)​         Cell 404-719-2016 ​