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 Computer Science


​Welcome to Computer Science Education Week (December 3-9, 2018)! Schools and education groups all over the world will be highlighting the work of CS pioneers as well as working to introduce as many students as possible to the world of computer science.


CS Education Week was started in 2009 with the initial goal to commemorate the birthday of pioneer Computer Science professional Admiral Grace Hopper. Hopper’s work in computer science ignited the idea of machine-independent programming languages, and led to the creation of COBOL, an early high-level programming language that is still used today!


In Georgia, Computer Science education is undergoing a transformation from a high school elective to a comprehensive K-12 discipline. There are some exciting things on the horizon, including:

  • A state plan for CS Education (public release during CS Education week)
  • K-8 CS standards (Look for the public review this December and January)
  • New online CS professional development courses on GaLearns (first courses due in February 2019)
  • Teacher Endorsement scholarships (February 2019)


There are a plethora of activities going on in Georgia for CS Education week, not the least of which is hundreds of thousands of students participating in the hour of code. As we work to go “beyond an hour of code”, these brief but engaging experiences are important to expose and engage students in coding and computer science. Schools and districts all over Georgia are looking for ways to expand into more sustainable CS experiences. This CS Edweek, CS4GA will host a statewide call highlighting two elementary school principals that have taken innovative steps at incorporating Computer Science into their schools. Please join us for this conversation, join the movement, and help prepare our students for this exciting new digital age.


Events the CS Specialist will be participating in:

  • December 3, Newton County Hour of Code
  • December 5, “Code Like a Girl” Conference, Newton Co.
  • December 5, Statewide Zoom Call (CS in ES)
  • December 6, Grady High School talk (CS Pathways to Success)
  • December 8, Oconee RESA Drive In CS Conference (here)



  • Check out the TAG-Ed web site for additional CS Education week activities (here)
  • Join CS4GA for year round event information for CS Education (here)
  • Teachers, join the edweb GA CS teacher community (here)