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 Title I, Part C - School Closures


1.     What should be done to address the fact that the Title I Part C Implementation Plan evaluations need to be evaluated at the end of the project period?


Districts will have the flexibility to evaluate their FY20 Implementation Plan up to the period when services were interrupted. As a possible alternative, districts could also consider if other data are available to evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation plan implemented.



2.     Are schools required to provide academic and support services to eligible migrant participants during school closures?


The school system is not obligated to provide academic instructional services if all students are not receiving instruction, but the school system could provide online resources to migrant participants, if available.  



3.     If our LEA is moving to online learning and our MEP students do not have devices to access the Internet, may MEP funds be used to provide devices?


Districts will have the flexibility to evaluate their resources and ensure no other resources are available before Title I-C funds are used. MEP funds may be used if the district can demonstrate that these devices and internet access are supplemental in nature.  LEA's are encouraged to connect with their Regional Coordinators for further discussion on the use of MEP funds.



4.     If school continues to be online only through the end of the school year, what responsibilities do our SSPs have?


You may choose to ask your SSPs to offer remote learning support via Skype, Zoom, facetime, etc. Students can still benefit from a virtual chat with SSPs to get help or clarification with assignments. 



5.     Are we required to hold face-to-face Migrant Parents Advisory Council Meeting?


It is recommended that the district follow their local policies for holding face to face meetings during this time; but, holding virtual parent meetings and online surveys is always an option.



6.     How will the GaMEP staff identify and recruit eligible participants for the Title I Part C - Education of Migratory Children Program during school closures?


In Georgia, migrant staff certified in identification and recruitment (IDR) will be able conduct the IDR interview via telephone/Skype/Zoom. The face-to-face interview and handwritten signature requirement have been waived during the present period of school closures. The interviewer must follow the existing IDR interview guidelines. The Certificate of Eligibility (COE) completed during this time period must have the written statement below under the comment section of the COE. After normal activities resume, if MEP staff are able to contact the interviewee in-person, we recommend that the individual's signature be added to the COE and the Comments section be updated.  Signatures may also be collected by mail.


“Phone interview. Mr.(s) ____ agrees that the COE information is accurate, that s/he wishes to receive MEP services, and that FERPA rights have been reviewed. Signature is waived due to school closures in 2020."


This procedure is based on guidance from the USED Office of Migrant Education.


7.     Will funding be available for migrant summer programs this summer?

Yes, summer funding for 2020 is still available.



8.     Can programs provide services virtually?


Yes, programs may conduct services virtually, provided that the family has the ability to access such services (e.g., Internet access, electronic device, etc.).  Please continue to serve Priority for Service (PFS) students first. 

9.     How do we know which families can receive services virtually?  


Each LEA should contact families via phone to ask about their well-being, whether they are receiving schoolwork from their schools, and whether they have access to the Internet. If they do not have Internet or Wi-Fi access, help connect the family to low or no-cost options, as available. 
10.  Do we need to continue reporting academic and support services?If academic and support services are being provided during school closures, MEP staff are encouraged to continue using the Supplemental Services Tracking Form. Remember, academic services may be provided virtually. 
11.  Will there be an opportunity for our district to report academic and support services before the end of this school year? Yes. From May 4-29, 2020, the Supplemental Services online application window will open to allow districts to report any services provided in second semester. 
12.  During the school closures, will our district receive the usual MEP reports and/or documents via the portal or USPS mail?

No. While schools remain closed, the MEP will not upload the usual MEP reports and/or documents. However, a district may request a report at any time by contacting  Yesica Ordonez at



13.  I have not completed my PDNOW courses for the 2019-2020 school year.  With school buildings closed at this time, how should I continue my professional growth? 


With school buildings closed, SSPs may be able to continue their professional development by accessing online resources such as PD Now or other virtually based training. Many high-quality professional development resources are available at vetted websites. SSPs may contact the GaDOE/MEP regional resource specialist for technical support.