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 Title I, Part A - Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  Title I Icon.pngLEA Monito​ring and Technical Assistance Unit​​

​​Title I, Part A funds provide supplemental funding to support educators in improving the academic achievement of students who are economically and educationally disadvantaged.  The United States Department of Education awards Title I, Part A funds to state education agencies (SEAs), which subgrant funds to local education agencies (LEAs) on a federal formula based on the US Census Bureau counts of school-age children from low-income families residing in each district. 

The Title I, Part A division at the Georgia Department of Education provides technical assistance, resources, and program monitoring to local education agencies (LEAs) in order to ensure all children have a “significant opportunity to receive a fair, equitable, and high-quality education, and to close educational achievement gaps" (ESSA, Section 1001).​

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​  ​ Governor's Office of Student Achievement (GOSA)​

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 Contact Information

Ken Banter
Senior Program Manager
Title I, Part A​
Phone: 404-673-2372
kbanter​@d​​                         Ayers.png
Brittan Ayers

Education Program Specialist         ​      ​404-491-3669​           ​

Karen Cliett

Education Program Specialist​             ​678-217-1751        ​                                                                   ​Ginger Crosswhite  ​                        Education Program Specialist​              ​678-673-9504                         ​​ginger.crosswhite@doe.k12.​                               ​ ​      ​​     Ezekiel.png

Kim Ezekiel

Education Program Specialist​              ​678-340-8443                         ​ kezekiel@doe.k12.​

Jabra Harden Fuller

Education Program Specialist​               678-340-9493                

Kelly Herman-Roberts

Education Program Specialist​               ​404-991-4167                      ​


Sunita Holloway

Educati​on Program Specialist​             404-606-2991​                          sunita.holloway@d​​Howard (3).pngClarice Howard                                   ​Education Program Specialist​              678-340-0370                         ​​

   ​      McElveen (2).png
Grace McElveen

Education Program Specialist​            678-340-5055                           ​​

Sherri Minshew

Education Program Specialist​             678-340-8388                            ​ Pruett.png

Kathy Pruett

Education Program Specialist​             678-340-9388                ​​

Patty Robinson

Education Program Specialist​            404-985-9412              ​wilkes (2).png

Tammy Wilkes

Education Program Specialist​            678-217-1677                          ​​

Anne Marie Wiseman ​

Education Program Specialist​                ​​678-2172021​