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 Title IV, Part A - School Closures

1.     If the LEAs FY20 allocation is less than $30,000, are the waivers applicable? Example: The 15% cap on infrastructure has been waived.Correct.  Regardless of the amount of allocation, the granted waivers are applicable to all LEAs.


2.     Are activities annotated on FY20 budget amendments still required to be allocable to a specific focus area, and must the focus area still be identified?Yes.  Even though the percentage requirements have been waived, all activities must be allocable to a specific focus area, supplemental in nature and evaluated for effectiveness.  GaDOE remains responsible for reporting the collective expenditures and the effectiveness of implemented activities per focus area.


3.     Is the budget summary worksheet and carryover workbook still required when submitting budget amendments?Yes. Both documents represent data that must be reported by GaDOE.  If an LEA has not submitted any amendments to the original budget and wish to do so now, both the budget summary worksheet and carryover workbook will be required to initiate the amendment's review.  If an LEA has submitted an amendment, then the carryover workbook has already been submitted and is not required for additional amendments.  These document requirements are applicable to all LEAs, regardless of FY20 allocation amount, and who are utilizing any portion of the funds as per the formula grant (excludes full transfers/CoF).