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 Georgia Student Health Survey

 GSHS Instructions​ for 2019 and following years

1)   Survey results are now available in Excel spreadsheet format.
2)  Click on the Survey Results tab to open the spreadsheet and view            your survey results.


 3)  The spreadsheet opens in read-only format. Choose Edit Workbook to work ​within the spreadsheet. ​


 GSHS Survey Results

List By Year:

Survey Dashboard​​

Raw Survey Data Requests

Raw survey data for students, parents, and school personnel are available to authorized school district staff on the GaDOE portal. All requests for raw survey data by individuals not employed by a Georgia public school system must be approved by the Student Data Privacy Review Board​ (SDPRB). To submit a request for raw survey data, please complete the online Data Request Form


Please note that all student survey data is anonymous and self-reported. 

​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​