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 AP Information for School Personnel

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​New Updates COVID-19 (Coronavirus) ​

AP Updates for Schools Impacted by Coronavirus​


Advanced Placement courses are college-level courses offered by trained high school teachers in the regular high school setting. Since 2008, over one-third of the seniors in Georgia pu​blic high schools were enrolled in AP courses. AP courses guarantee rigor in our classrooms. To learn more ​about offering AP courses in your high school, contact Martha Smith, Program Specialist at the GaDOE, 404.463.2588 or 

AP Virtual Academy

In September, College Readiness launched Advanced Placement Virtual Academy to offer professional development to support current AP teachers in 16 subject areas: Biology, Calculus, Capstone, Chemistry, Computer Science Principles, English Language, English Literature, Environmental Science, Human Geography, Psychology, Spanish Language, Statistics, US Government, US History, and World History. The webinars, focusing on content and best practices/instructional strategies and activities, will be led by Georgia AP teachers, and offered four times a year. Class schedule, topics, and registration details will be shared with AP Coordinators and the AP teacher network. 

​Webinar Recordings

​​​​AP Academy Greeting from Trevor Packer​

AP Biology​ - Session I, Session II​

AP Calculus​​​

AP Computer Science Principles​ - Session I, Session II​

AP English Language (New Teachers)

AP English Language (Experienced Teachers)​

AP English Literature (New Teachers)​

AP English Literature (Experienced Teachers)​ - Session I, Session II​

AP Environmental Science - Session I, Session II​

AP Human Geography​

AP Psychology - Session I, Session II

AP Research​

AP Seminar​ - Session I, Session II

AP Spanish Language​ - Session I, Session II​

AP Statistics​ - Session I, Session II​

AP US Government​ - Session I, Session II​

AP US History (New Teachers)​

AP US History (Experienced Teachers)​ - Session I, Session II​

AP World History (New Teachers) - Session II​

AP World History (Experienced Teachers)​ - Session I, Session II​

New AP Coordinators

If you are a new AP Coordinator, please contact Martha Smith, to be added to our distribution list. New AP Coordinators in Georgia high schools need to carefully study the AP Coordinator’s Manual​ for guidance regarding the AP Course Audit process and the process for ordering and administering AP exams. For additional AP Coordinator resources, visit the AP Coordinator page of the College Board website at​

AP Audit/Authorized Syllabi 

​Principals must ensure that the syllabus for each AP teacher in the school is authorized by The College Board through the audit process. The audit process ensures each course meets specific academic/AP standards. After a course is authorized​ through the audit, it will appear in the AP Course Ledger, the official list of all AP courses. 

To authorize a syllabus, the principal (or designee) must access the AP Audit registration site and enter the teacher’s name and then work with the teacher to get the syllabus submitted for approval. Principals that have questions about the Audit process should find more information at the College Board website here​.

Georgia AP Teacher Network 

This is a contact list of Georgia AP Teachers by course who have signed up in order to share information, resources, and/ or seek solutions or assistance.  This network list is also used to notify AP teachers of upcoming workshops, webinars, and other opportunities from GaDOE or College Board.  If you would like to join this network, please complete the form located here: Georgia AP Teacher Network.

Building a Quality AP Program

AP Potential is a powerful free tool schools may use to identify potential AP students. AP Potential utilizes data from the PSAT to help match students in your school who could be successful in specific AP courses. For assistance, contact Alison Coker at or Martha Smith at​.

Webinars & Podcasts for AP Teachers & Coordinators



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