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 Georgia Skills Initiative

Georgia Skills Initiative


The Georgia Skills Initiative seeks to close the Skills Gap in Georgia.


The mission of this group is to bridge the Skills Gap in Georgia by connecting stakeholders and providing access to inernational workforce development models and companies and contribute to local solutions for addressing global 21st century workforce challenges.

Strategic Goals: ​​

1)  To learn and inform ourselves and others about existing best practices for workforce development.

2)  To explore how models of workforce development compare and how they can be adapted to Georgia; and to share these insights with others.

3)  To connect with Georgia youth and their caregivers at all levels to assist them in becoming workforce ready and how this potentially impacts them.

4)  T
o assist stakeholders in their efforts to promote, develop and establish effective workforce models to meet the needs of the state of Georgia.


The Georgia Skills Initiative is supported by:

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 Contact Information

For further information please contact:

Program Specialist for World Languages & Global Work Initiatives