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 Introduction to AP Visual Literacy Video Series

The Georgia Department of Education, the High Museum of Art, and Georgia Public Broadcasting are excited to bring you this video series on Visual Literacy for the Advanced Placement Classroom. This video series is designed to provide teachers with instructional strategies and effective classroom activities for teaching visual literacy. Teachers will be able to use these videos to help students interpret, analyze, and write about art and other non-text materials as it relates to their subject areas.  They can use these instructional strategies and activities as a part of a virtual museum fieldtrip in their classrooms, or, even better, they can use them to structure and follow-up an actual fieldtrip to a museum. Even though these videos are led by Advanced Placement teachers, this series can be very helpful for all teachers who are interested in teaching their students how to connect, analyze, and write about art.

In this video series, five very successful Advanced Placement teachers will discuss and demonstrate how they would use specific pieces of art in their classrooms. The first video provides an important overview of the strategies as each teacher discusses how they would approach the same work of art through the “lens” of a different subject area. Then the next six segments focus specifically on teaching visual literacy in the Advanced Placement subjects of: Art History, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Human Geography, World History, US History, European History, and the AP Seminar Course. The Gallery Walk is the final video and serves as an important companion piece to the whole series. The Gallery Walk not only provides the significant background and context of each piece of art included, but also provides an insightful group discussion from the participants.

AP Visual Literacy Video Series

The Introduction and Overview for the AP Visual Literacy Project 

Teaching Visual Literacy in AP Art History 

Teaching Visual Literacy in AP Language and Composition

Teaching Visual Literacy in AP Human Geography and AP World History

Teaching Visual Literacy in AP European History 

Teaching Visual Literacy in AP US History

Teaching Visual Literacy in AP Literature/Composition and AP Seminar

The Gallery Walk for the AP Visual Literacy Series