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Milestones Resources

​​​​​​​​Educator Reso​​urces​​​​​​

Achievement Level Descriptors​ 
Assessment Guides​ 
Item an​d Scoring​ Samplers​ 

  • Narrative Writing
  • Reading and Evidence-Based Writing​

ELA Narrative Prompt Pas​sag​e Types​ (coming soon)
ELA Rubrics (Opinion, Informational/Explanatory, and Narrative Writing)​​​ 
ELA Writer's Checklists (Opinion, Informational/Explanatory, and Narra​tive Wri​ting)
Experience Online T​esting Georgia

​Individual Student Report Sam​​ples

Professional Learning​
Score Inter​​pretation Guide 2020​​​​​ EOG | EOC
Social Studies Supplemental Resource for Instructional and Assessment Practices​​
Test Blueprints​​

​Administrator Resources
American Sign Language Guidelines 
Calculator Policy​​
EOC Courses 2019-20​20 (Revised)​
EOC Test Administration M​anual 2019-2020​​​
EOG Test Administration Manual, 2019-2020
Read-Aloud Guidelines ​​

Training Resources​
Transcription of Answer Documents

Student Resources​​

Desmos Testing Calculator
Experience Online T​esting Georgia​​
Grade 6 Mathematics Formula Sheet
Grade 7 Mathematics Formula Sheet
Grade 8 Mathematics Formula Sheet
Grade 8 Science Periodic Table​​
Graph Paper (1/4") - pdf

Coordinate Algebra Formula Sheet ​
Algebra I Formula Sheet ​​
Analytic Geometry Formula Sheet  
Geometry Formula Sheet  
Physical Science Reference Sheet 
Physical Science Periodic Table​ ​
EOC Student Resources in Braille Ready Format​

Technology Resources​

DRC C​omputer Usage Estimator v.1​​.1
DRC Testing Site Capacity Estimator v.4​
DRC Tips for Keyboard Settings​
Georgia Milestones Troubleshooting Guide for Online Testing​​
Georgia Milestones & DRC BEACON File Layouts FAQ