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 World Language Pathways

​​​​​A World Language Pathway may be followed in any of the world language areas included in the state list of approved courses. A student can complete a World Language Pathway when the criteria described below has been met. World Language Pathway Criteria:

  • Student’s course history in one world language includes:
  • 3 distinct high school Course Codes (three units of credit) or
  • 2 distinct Course Codes plus a third code (three units of credit) reflecting
    • An AP* course, where AP courses are offered (60.01700, French; 60.07700, Spanish; 60.08110, Spanish Lit; 61.01700, German;
      61.04800, Latin; 62.01960, Chinese; 62.03900. Japanese); or
    • An IB* course, where courses are offered (French, 60.01120, 60.01130; Spanish, 60.07130, 60.07160; German, 61.01120, 61.01130;
      Latin, 61.04120, 61.04130; Chinese, 62.01900, 62.01910;
      Japanese, 62.03920, 62.03930; Arabic, 63.01700, 63.01800;) or
    • A post-secondary enrollment course in the same World Language

*AP, IB and dual enrollment courses must have earned credit

 Contact Information

​​Patrick Wallace
Program Specialist
World Languages Global and Workforce Initiatives​
Telephone:  (404) 651-8373


 World Language Plan of Study Document