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​Any student having problems reading at their grade level due to defined print impairment may be eligible for accessible educational materials (AEM).

Parents can be involved in the decision-making process regarding access to AEM. The first step is to understand the difference between AEM which sometimes is referred to as an accommodation or specialized format and a reading modification.

  • Accommodations are changes that remove barriers and provide your child with equal access to learning. Accommodations do not change what your child is learning. Rather, they change how your child is learning.
  • Modifications (alternative format) change the expectations of what academic standards kids are required to master in all areas, including reading, math, and so on.

Additional information on these differences as well as eligibility is available by following this Acquiring AEMs page link.


GIMC services differ according to the type of educational agency in which your child is enrolled.

Public Schools

All Local Education Agencies (LEA) recognized by the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) are served by the GIMC. Students can be registered to receive materials through IDEA funds for AEMs if your child is enrolled in a public LEA and has an IEP. Blind students also qualify to receive additional materials through the American Printing House for the Blind's federal quota funds. Parents will work with their student's educational team who will order the accessible materials.

Private and Home School

Students who receive educational services in either a private or home school situation do not qualify for AEM under IDEA. There are other legal provisions related to access. Blind students participating in a documented home or private education programs can be registered to receive materials through APH up to the annual per capita quota amount. A parent or private school designee may order materials through the GIMC student registration and ordering system.

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