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 Consolidation of Funds - School Closures

​Questions? Please reach out to​.

1.     Closures to physical schools have impacted the pressing needs of schools. Do we have to upload new SWP Plans?No. Updates to schoolwide plans may be kept locally. However, if there is a major adjustment to intent and purposes, the LEA is responsible for ensure it continues to be incompliance with federal laws, regulations and guidance relative to consolidation of funds and intent and purposes.
2.     Our LEA was interested in joining Cohort 5 before school closures. Will Cohort 5 be moving forward?Yes. The deadline for joining Cohort 5 is 04.30.2020. Get in touch with Carly Ambler to complete the Cohort 5 participation form.
3.     Given recent closures, our LEA is exploring options for more flexibility in 2020-2021. Is it too late to join consolidation?It is not too late. Get in touch with Carly Ambler to set up a call and explore whether or not consolidation is the best choice for you. There is also a recording of a virtual workshop available on our webpage.
4.     How will closures impact Cohort 4 and Cohort 5 meetings?

·      Cohort 4's Meeting 4 will be scheduled to occur virtually in June.

·      Cohort 5's Meeting 1 will be scheduled to occur virtually in June and Meeting 2 will be scheduled to occur virtually in September. The format/location of Meeting 3 (February) and Meeting 4 (June) will be determined at a later date.

5.     Are there any updates to the programs that can be consolidated in 2020-2021?

For 2020-2021 we will be adding:

·      Title I, Part A Parent Involvement Set-Aside (All LEAs)

·      Literacy for Georgia (L4GA) Grant (Pilot LEAs in only L4GA Schools)


Existing Programs Include: Title I, Part A; SIG 1003(a), including competitive grants; SIG 1003(g); Title I, Part C; Title I, Part D, Subpart 2; Title II, Part A; Title III, Part A, grants for both English Learners and Immigrant Students; Title IV, Part A, including competitive grants; Title IV, Part B; Title V, Part B; McKinney-Vento; IDEA 611 (Flowthrough) and 619 (Preschool)


While we believe that the CARES Act may be consolidated, due to a unique period of availability and special reporting requirements, GaDOE will not expand the Consolidation of Funds Initiative to include CARES Act funds.