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 FY20 Cross Functional Monitoring (CFM) and Program Monitoring (McKinney-Vento; 21st CCLC) - School Closures

1.     Will cross-functional monitoring and program monitoring continue for FY20?All monitoring activities have been suspended for the remainder of FY20 and will resume in September 2020.  LEAs and grantees may choose to keep the originally scheduled FY20 monitoring date in Spring 2020.
2.     If we plan to keep our monitoring date, what happens if we are mandated to not be at work?

GaDOE will only monitor based on the LEA request to do so.  If your LEA is mandated not to be at work, we would not monitor.


3.     If we defer our monitoring to October, would we be responsible for collecting data between now and October or would we only use the data we have collected up until this point?

No additional requirements will be added for LEAs.  The documentation collected for the original planned spring date will be reviewed.


4.     Would October be on-site visit or desktop like we have been preparing for the last couple of weeks?

Monitoring will remain online (desktop) for the rest of FY20 and all of FY21.


5.     We would like to keep our current monitoring date.  Whom should we contact?Please talk with your LEA team.  Email John Wight ( to confirm that the LEA is keeping the date.  We are flexible and can change plans based on your LEA's decision.​