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 FY21 Consolidated LEA Improvement Plan (CLIP) - School Closures

1.     What will happen to the FY21 CLIP?

The FY21 CLIP became available for submission on March 1st.  GaDOE is providing districts with two options for the FY21 CLIP. Districts can elect to (1) implement the currently approved FY20 CLIP through FY21, or (2) submit a new FY21 CLIP through the SLDS by following the existing submission, review, and approval process.  If districts choose to select the first option, GaDOE is now set up to assist districts in carrying the currently approved FY20 CLIP over to FY21.  Please review the informational webinar overview here.



2.     What should be done to address the fact that the program evaluations and logic models that are a part of our CLIP are likely not going to be completed?  Many of the evaluation tools relied on the assessments that will now not be given. 


Districts will have the flexibility to roll the FY20 CLIP over to FY21.  This flexibility will allow districts to continue currently interrupted evaluations into the new school year. As a possible alternative, districts could also consider if other data are available to evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions implemented. 
3.     LEAs only need to notify GaDOE if we are selecting Option 2 and not cloning correct?That is correct.
4.     Does cloning count for the FY20 S-CLIP too?Both options for FY20 CLIP submissions may be cloned for FY21.

5.     If I've already cloned FY20 into FY21, can I go ahead and make some changes and then submit without problem?Yes, but you will need to notify GaDOE ( that you are selecting option 2.

6.     If an LEA already cloned FY20 into FY21 before all of this but now decide to stick with the FY20 CLIP for FY21, do we have to do anything?No action is needed.  However, please know that information already added to the FY21 CLIP will be lost on June 15 when the FY20 CLIP is cloned over to FY21.

7.     Can we go ahead and clean up our new CLONED version of the CLIP with the PQ information that was previously submitted as an attachment to the portal?In February, the SBOE changed certification requirements for special education teachers.  Many LEAs changed their FY20 PQ requirements using the GaDOE PQ Revision Template and attached it to the ConApp in the Portal.  In June, GaDOE will move the LEA's PQ Template currently in the FY20 ConApp into the FY21 ConApp attachments tab.  Therefore, if an LEA is cloning their FY20 CLIP into FY21, no additional PQ changes are necessary.

8.     Can we keep the FY20 CLIP, but make revisions to goals and action steps? If so, when can we make updates?Yes.  When the FY20 CLIP is cloned over to FY21 on June 15, an LEA will be able to request an amendment to make revisions as needed.

9.     What was the date that FY20 will turn into FY21 CLIP?FY20 CLIPs will be cloned as FY21 on June 15, 2020.  LEAs must notify John Wight ( by June 1st if  they are choosing option 2 - submitting a new FY21 CLIP.

10.  If we're submitting a new CLIP for FY21, what is the timeline of the approval?GaDOE staff are adhering to existing review procedures - 10 business days.

11.  Is the transferability notice to GaDOE a one time notification or do I have to notify GADOE every year?The LEA's intent to transfer notification must be submitted to the GaDOE annually. For FY21, the method of notification is determined by the CLIP Option the LEA submits.  If cloning FY20 CLIP, then follow the steps in Federal Programs Handbook for transferring funds. If submitting updated FY21 CLIP, then the intent to transfer is built into the CLIP (Online and S-CLIP).

12.  If we clone the FY20 CLIP do we need to recheck transferability options, since this was not in the FY20 CLIP?If a LEA clones the FY20 CLIP (Option 1) the LEA  will notify GaDOE of transferability decisions by following existing procedures outlined in the Federal Programs Handbook.
13.  If we clone, can we do an amendment & choose to transfer Title II, Part A and Title IV, Part A with an amendment?Whether selecting Option 1 or Option 2 for the CLIP LEAs may transfer funds at any point during the year, through both original budgets and budget amendments.
14.  Does approval of the FY21 CLIP also automatically  approval of FY21 program budgets?No, approval of the FY21 CLIP does not mean automatic approval of FY21 Program Budgets.

15.  Will FY21 funds be budgeted based off of FY20 CLIP information? Do CLIP steps have to align with the FY21 Budget?If the LEA chooses to clone the FY20 CLIP over to FY21, then budgets would need to reflect the action steps included in the FY20 (now FY21) CLIP. LEAs that identify a need during the CLIP or budget process may make amendments following the completion of cloning the FY20 CLIP for FY21 (June 15).

16.  What do we do about Leader and Teacher Key Effectiveness System sessions?  Do we just need to leave FY20 data?Yes

17.  If we choose option 2, do we need stakeholder input? If so, can we get stakeholder input online?Stakeholder input may be gathered in multiple ways, including online.  LEAs choosing option 2 will need to work with stakeholders on the CLIP plans.