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 GaMEP Online Modules

​Georgia MEP Online Modules for Professional Development

In order to provide migrant personnel and educators with the best professional development tools, the Georgia MEP has developed online modules in order to assist in Identification and Recruitment and the delivery of supplemental services to migrant children and youth.

Identification and Recruitment (ID&R)

Before getting started with the ID&R online module, it is important that you follow and complete all the steps below.


1. Sign up for a free account. Creating an account is free and will let you report your course results in the online modules. Make sure to remember your login credentials in order to use to report your module results.


2. Download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash player by clicking on the link button below:

Get Adobe Flash Player 

3. Download and Install Adobe Acrobat Reader version XI or later by clicking on the link button below. This free application will allow you to access and complete our online modules.

Get Acrobat Reader web logo

Now that you have completed all the steps above, you are now ready to get started. Click on the links below to access the online modules you would like to complete. 

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: The ID&R online module is a self-contained file in a PDF format. Once you click on the link below, your download will begin. In order to ensure compatibility with your system, remember to:

1. Save the PDF file you are downloading to a location in your computer you will remember (Save to "Desktop" or save to "Downloads" folder are the most common places to save downloaded files). 

2. Use Adobe Reader to open up your module once your PDF download is complete.

Download times may vary depending on the speed of your internet connection.

NOTE: If you are unable to report your scores via using your login credentials, you may also print your screen or take a screenshot of your module quiz results page and save it for your records.

ID&R Online Module 1: This module is designed to provide an opportunity for local migrant staff to refresh and clarify their understanding of what makes a child eligible for the MEP. Topics include MEP background info, eligibility criteria, and Certificate of Eligibility (COE).


Data Collections and Reporting

The Data Collections and Reporting Training module is web ready (HTML and HTML5). In order to access it, please ensure you use one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Safari 5.1 or higher, Google Chrome 17 or higher. Also compatible with mobile browsers on Apple, Windows and and Android Tablets.