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 State Migrant Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

​​​Pursuant to section 1304(c)(3) of the statute, the Georgia Department of Education and local operating agencies must consult with parent advisory councils in planning and operating the MEP if they operate programs of one school year in duration. The statute also requires the MEP provide for the same parental involvement as is required in section 1118, unless extraordinary circumstances make such provision impractical. This provision require the SEA and local operating agencies to involve parents, in an organized, ongoing, and timely way, in the planning, review, and improvement of the MEP. (See section 1118(c)(3) of the statute.) In addition, section 200.83(b) of the regulations requires the SEA to develop the comprehensive state plan in consultation with the State parent advisory council.

The following links are provided to inform all interested parties about the state’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC) activities, policies, and procedures:

Additionally, the Georgia Migrant Parent Advisory Council (PAC) brochures provide general information for migrant parents who recently moved to Georgia. Click the links below to download.​

LEAs may download the PAC package file in the link below for a comprehensive toolkit designed to assist districts with their local PACs: